…oh, please [DOT 2/1/20]

…no, really – please do let Collude-y Rudi speak in the dotard’s defense in a Senate trial for potential impeachment/removal purposes


…let’s face it – if anything could result in a state of affairs whereby the Republicans in the Senate might be forced by circumstance to admit that not voting to convict was simply an untenable position it would surely be that idiot getting to have his day in court.


…mind you, at least some people think there’s a possibility that Nancy has no intention of letting Mitch or his slightly-indicted presidential co-conspirator have their little sound-bite-fest


…it just keeps rolling on



  1. …yes, I do appear to be talking to myself – & as it happens I’m not at all sure I’m in any danger of being mistaken for a millennial

    …still liked the sounds of this, though


  2. “Collude-y Rudi” made me LOL over this morning’s latte and donut.

    • I can’t take the credit – pretty sure I picked that up from the lovely ladies of the Mueller She Wrote podcast…but at least it’s not as obscure as some of those that could have crept in

      …they are much, much better at nicknames than donnie dotard, fattest-fingered diet-despot of our times

  3. But how do I, as a Gen-Xer, do a socialism?

    • I can’t be sure but I think you start by finding & befriending a coal-miner, traditionally-speaking…

      salt & earth are involved somehow, I’m pretty sure…& these quaint devices called clip-boards that are like, boards – bear with me here – that you can clip things to…

      allegedly you don’t even need an app…but that’s obviously crazy talk, right?

      • You could listen to The Trillbilly Worker’s Party

        • haven’t got far in but these seem kinda great…Opening Arguments is another I’m fond of…there are some great podcasts out there if only I weren’t borderline too old to understand what that means…

  4. Omg I want him to testify so bad. I think the real question is whether perjury charges will be pursued against him or anyone else. That will make a difference…

    I think Nance should hold off on sending the articles for at least few months – meanwhile open more impeachment investigations. Let Trump get more and more agitated that he’s not getting his sham in court, let him have new shit to fight against and illegally spend his campaign funds on, and also keep that watchful eye on him throughout the rest of his campaign – exposing things as they happen. I’m unsure whether the American public will stop being interested but it’s important to me that they keep exposing him. If anything, make some of his less excited supporters sick of having to defend him.

    • …if the entire campaign season was just him losing his shit about being denied his dream of a sham-exculpation narrative while the news-cycle is treated to a glut of “& another thing…” material about the lifetime’s worth of reasons he ought to be in the big house not the white house…

      …yeah, I checked & it turns out I’d be fine with that.

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