Oh Work is the Best [NOT 23/9/21]

Hi. friends!

Sorry this is late. I was going to log off work a little early today and write up a NOT then, but around 4pm our systems completely crapped out thanks to someone fucking around in network operations.

Nothing like breaking a crucial application used 30k times a day in the middle of the afternoon and then not fessing up to it.

How was your day? What’s you’re favorite thing about your job?



  1. i get to hit shit with a hammer?

    i mean that part ia pretty fun

    shit..its my job…i do it coz i have to

  2. fwiw tho

    i do like me work

    but i could think of more fun shit to do with my time

  3. Not sure yet. I start on October 4. Then we will see.

      • Eh, we’ll see. I’m somewhat dubious about it. I didn’t apply — they tracked me down from my LinkedIn profile (note to self: ease up on bitching about social media). I changed my status to “available” or “seeking opportunities” or whatever it is and they called me. Bit of a step backward, but it’s a paycheck and I’ve still got two months of severance so ka-ching!

        They wanted me to start Monday but I needed some time without the existential dread of unemployment keeping me awake at night. So I’ll be drinking like @farscythe for the next week.

        • Several of my good coworkers who have been poached for new jobs in the last year were approached on linkedin, so it might turn out fine!

  4. I make (legal) drugs and the dept I work in does the mixing/pouring/pounding of powder which is the beginning of the manufacturing process.


    We used to make cheap Metformin which was fun…  Metformin is used for controlling diabetes 2 and has a similar crystalline structure of sugar which means that it crystallizes when comes into contact to moisture/humidity.  By the time we got it, the material in the drums was rock hard so we would use 8lb sledge hammers to smash the powder (and drum.)  A lot of my coworkers suffered major injuries doing this work.   I was one of the few who didn’t.

    Smashing drums was fun if you know how to swing a sledgehammer.  In my whiny yout’ I had to spend a couple of summer weeks breaking old concrete pilings with my dad so he taught me how to swing a sledge without blowing out your shoulders and back.

    When I was the “bad” boy of the dept (because of frequent absences caused by cokehead narcissist), my petty asshole supervisor used to dump me into that production room as punishment.  Little did he know that it kept me sane.  I used to name each drum after him and smash the fuck out of it.  One of  my coworkers wondered why I enjoyed working in that room for 3 months straight.  Now you know why.

    One of the other things I enjoyed was listening to an arrogant snot of a junior co-op student engineer lecture me about rotation, kinetic energy and angular momentum.  Being a smart ass engineer myself and familiar with that (but not willing to out my background at the time) I asked him to show us how to do it “correctly”.  The stupid dipshit swung the sledge hammer like a baton (to allegedly build momentum) and slammed it into the drum.  He did it twice before he stopped and started moaning about his shoulder.  I figured Mr Angular Momentum popped his rotator cuff in the process.

    We never saw him on the floor again.

    I never did like being lectured by arrogant fools who think everything they think up is so fucking brilliant without actually testing them out in the real world (a lesson I learned early on in my engineer days.)  It’s fun sometimes to see their egos get smashed by reality.




  5. Work work work…..hello boys, I missed you…

    My fav part about my job is that I can take off just about whenever I damn well please.  I’ve been off since last Wednesday, going back Monday..  not paid tho..

  6. Well, working from home full-time is nice, after basically spending 15 years in the gig economy and having to drive all the fuck over for it. (I still do that on occasions now, but I get to charge more to do it.) So far, there also seems to be minimal fuckery on the part of this employer, in comparison with my previous one.

  7. I’ve said this before but the best & worst part of my job is that my boss is an asshole.  Since I am self employed I have nobody to blame for working for such an idiot.  Sometimes though, out of the blue he is the best boss ever.

    • Though I tried to quit once & he refused to accept my letter of resignation.  What a dick!

    • Did he make you sleep with him before he hired you, too. . . ?

      • How did you know?  The shame!

    • You should complain to HR so you can have remediation sessions with yourself.

      • I am also not fond of our HR person.  Totally unsympathetic prick!

      • Remediation sessions, huh? So, is that what the kids are calling it these days?

  8. I’ve mentioned many (too many) times that my current job is great for lots of reasons. One thing that has been less than stellar is the fact that I’ve had to use my personal laptop to connect to my work computer for the last 1.5 years. Remember that email I mentioned yesterday notifying me that my gear was available? Yeah turns out it doesn’t include the laptop which makes all the other shit totally useless. So I’m in no big hurry to drive 2 hours to pick it up. With the chip shortage I’m betting I won’t get my work laptop for another year.

    • We’ve had trouble getting our devs their laptops, too as replacements are needed.

      I’m sorry they fucked you over basically on the one part you needed to be available.

  9. Everyone at my job is amazing except for one glaring exception. Such a good group of people, including the 5 new hires this summer.


  10. The worst part of work….

    At the grocery store, it’d have to be that the store I’m at currently is just mismanaged SO incredibly badly.

    Well-Meaning folks, but no one really *manages,* because “we(I) want to keep people happy” (direct quote from a former boss🙃)  so we’re constantly out of stuff–because *one* person orders all the items for a major department…. annnnnd he only hits *some* of the sku’s, and orders a *single* case of most of the few sku’s he’s hitting🙄🙄🙄

    None of the leads who head the store seem to want to do the sucky/hard parts of managing–just “the good stuff,” so there’s a LOT of crap happening constantly, which shouldn’t (and wouldn’t, if rules were *expected* to be followed).

    So I “manage up” a LOT when I’m there, annnnnd I don’t get paid nearly enough to do so😒🙄😱….

    so I’m looking at options that’ll pay me much better, because my skills (at both jobs, tbh!) ARE currently in-demand, and I both have a brain in my head, AND–unlike soooo many coworkers–have been known to occasionally *use* it at work.😉


    At the school…. bathroom messes is probably the worst-worst part of the job (although they CAN be 100% hilarious, too!)


    I’m used to them, at this point–and thank goodness, none of my kiddos so far this year seems to be a “player,***” so it’s waaaaay easier than I’ve occasionally had to deal with….


    But dealing with the smelly stuff like diaper/pull-ups blowouts *or* the little ones who end up a bit manky-smelling, because their *other* care providers aren’t wiping their skin off with baby wipes during changes can be… a bit ripe sometimes (and isn’t good for those poor kiddos’ skin/bodies, either!😟)


    Otherwise, it’s GOTTA be the boogers & the spit-players!🤢🤪😝🤣


    Y’all, EVERY.SINGLE.DAY I’m at work i catch *someone* sticking their finger(s!!!) up their nose and EATING that shit!!!🤣🤣🤣

    I am NOT kidding–EVERY DAY!


    And some of them will totally make HARD eye contact with you as they pick and eat those boogers!🥴🥴🥴


    It’s one of the funniest *and grossest* parts of working with preschoolers🙃 they are TOTAL little vectors & virus/bacteria factories!


    On the bright side, though… at least they’re “mostly clean” about it, and they *aren’t* wiping their boogers all over the tables, chairs, and walls for us to clean up, since they all seem to think of those boogies as a “snack”?????🥴😉😂




    (***as in, likes to get their tiny little hands allllll up in that mess!🤢🙃)


  11. Serious favorite though?


    Getting to use what I’ve learned in both child development and mental health/ child life/ medical “stuff” to help my kiddos navigate their worlds easier–and *especially* when I can be part of the team that helps a kiddo learn to communicate😉🥰🤗


    We’ve got one *right now,* who’s on that SUPER FUN edge of “learning how to use the muscles in my mouth, chest, and throat to make allthenoises!!!!“🤩😍🥰


    This little one is *right* on the precipice of how we learn to speak as humans, and that’s one of my absolute favorite stages to help kids navigate!😁😁😁


    He is SO focused when I work with him, and he’s constantly trying to interact with me when we have a spare moment–whether it’s blowing raspberries, sticking his tiny little tongue out & making “owooooo!!!” noises with me, bouncing “buh, buh, buh,” “ma, ma, ma,” or “pah, pah, pah,” back & forth–he is just a SPONGE for speech development *right directly NOW,* and I’m the one weirdo willing to bounce those sounds with him for his whole school day, so he has decided “We.are.FRIENDS!!!”😃😁🤗💖


    I’m guessing, since I’ve been around this block a few times now–and HAVE been lucky enough to have seen a few kiddos as attuned to learning speech as he seems to be–that he’ll be popping out 1-2 word phrases by midwinter break, and he’ll hopefully have speech abilities by this coming spring (at least, if he develops anywhere near the rates of the others I’ve known who were where he *is right now*😉💖)


    It’s sooooooo much fun to have the privilege of helping kids get to speaking–it’s *not* too common to be lucky enough to be one of the grownups around when a kiddo hits *that* particular milestone, so I adore it, when I DO get to be one of the lucky ones to help kids learn that stuff😉😁💖


    It’s just so damn FUN, as staff working with them, and it also feels pretty awesome, to know that you helped their parents finally hear those magic words *clearly*–“Mommy,” “Daddy,” and the biggest one for ALL the parents I’ve talked to who worried their kids might not speak with words–that “Mommy” or “Daddy” paired with “I love you.”


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