Oh Yeaahhh! [DOT 10/6/22]

"I've only had half of four bottles of wine."

Did you guys know there is a Bob’s Burgers Movie? If anything was gonna get me back in a theater that might be it!

I have nothing to do this weekend. How crazy is that? No grad parties, no relatives in town, nada!

How about you?

Today’s excitement:

House committee opens prime-time session on Capitol riot

Former Trump Education Secretary DeVos says she had 25th Amendment discussions with Pence and Cabinet members


Proud Boys, Tarrio blast sedition charge as politically orchestrated


At least three killed in shooting at Maryland business, police say



Have a great Friday!



    • The politics of that are interesting because the DeVos family has been bankrolling the Michigan GOP for decades. As in, top donor on a scale rarely seen in other states.

      Unrelated, but they were tight with Bill Gates when he was dropping tens of millions on his big school privatization anti-union crusade. Besides the Epstein stuff, it’s been one of the defining things about his character that he’s acted like he’s above political engagement, except when it comes to allying himself with them on their top policy crusade. Not government anti-malaria programs, mind you, just making eight year olds sit through hours of tedious testing and prep.

  1. Seems like t-Rump got hit by the proverbial Liz Cheney bus and then everyone else in his administration picked it up and Vanky threw him under it.


    And…did that dude just leave all of those poor kittens there?

  2. My grandbaby’s first birthday is tomorrow! There’s gonna be a whole big shindig at DiL’s mom’s house in the afternoon which I’m half looking forward to (people!) and half dreading (also, people!)

    Today, there’s a bunch of running around to get done, and Sunday I don’t intend to move at all. Might not even get out of bed!

  3. Meanwhile Peter Baker, top political reporter for the NY Times, has been running around shamelessly doing PR for Jared and Ivanka.

    He’s been saying that *sources* tell him that they had nothing to do with 1/6 and were working hard behind the scenes to stop it.

    He didn’t even go through the usual weak Times attempt to justify why these sources were allowed to go off the record. How much do you want to bet Ivanka was the source for Jared and Jared was the source for Ivanka?

    • Jevanka are weasels. They tried to play both sides, hanging with Captain Combover until they were sure the insurrection had failed, and then rushing out the door while busily covering what tracks they could. Apparently Jared has eschewed all contact with Trump since then, which shows you that a. his legal counsel has given him a stern talking to and b. he knows he’s up to his ass in this shit.

      Waiting for Trump to throw Ivanka under the bus.

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