Ohio State is Stupid

No, I do not say that as a Michigan fan. I am a Detroiter through and through, but I do not have a loyalty to the big colleges beyond general “occupying the same state as me” thing. I used to have fun with Ohio State loyalists when I worked at the airport, but those days are long past.

Point is, remember this? I bet you do, because stupid on that level is too impossible to just forget. Trying to trademark “The” is in the same pantheon as LeBron James trying to trademark “Taco Tuesday” when tacos are not actually involved(a goddamn crime if you ask me).

Anyway, it’s easy to rag on OSU. It’s like ragging on Alabama, or the Yankees. There’s something about them that just makes them worth hating. But we are not here on account of just wanting to trash them. No, my friends, they’re at it with this insane shit of theirs again:

Sports company sues in ‘O’ dispute with Ohio State

Yep. They tried to claim that the O logo being used by the Overtime company is too similar to theirs.

Yahoo! put together a nice-sized comparison image:

So…right. Nobody can tell the difference. Except maybe people with eyes.

What this boils down to is a left-handed way for OSU…ERRRRRRR…tOSU to try to now hold sway over a letter of the alphabet. I don’t know(or care) who is running that place these days, but damn are their priorities idiotic.

It’s worth noting that this is the same school who stops using the letter M during Michigan week every year. There is not enough weed in the world for me to understand what goes on there. Maybe the river is polluted, or on fire.

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  1. Ironically, Fox Sports used the Oklahoma State “O” on every ad they ran for Ohio State games all year. So while it is obvious to anybody with eyes, the mole people running Fox Sports marketing politely disagree with you.

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