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"I've only had half of four bottles of wine."

Just kill me now. Tax day is approaching. Tuesday, 4/18 is fast approaching and every client I have is losing their gd minds. Send thoughts and prayers that I don’t go off on someone in the next few days.

Also, given SplinterRIP’s epic DOT yesterday, I’ll keep it short today.

I know we have friends in Florida and it’s not alllll bad but I don’t think I’ll be visiting any time soon.

So you’re telling me it wasn’t the crime ridden streets of San Francisco that got him?

Cash App founder Bob Lee knew the suspect in his stabbing death, police say


Suspected leaker of top-secret Pentagon documents arrested


Dan Snyder agrees to record $6bn sale of NFL’s Commanders – source


Stocks close higher Thursday, S&P 500 notches highest close since February: Live updates

Um, how?

Thousands of cattle killed in explosion and fire at Texas dairy farm

This would be a fun job, for like a week.

8 hilarious but true wildlife tips from the National Park Service


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    • Marge is invariably on the wrong side of any controversy. It’s like she sits down and says, what is the stupidest take on this situation because that’s where I want to be.

      She’s never taken a position that remotely correlates with sense or reason. I mean, stopped clocks and all, so you’d think that occasionally she’d stumble into something resembling sanity, but no.

      • …I guess it’s possible someone or someones unknown are directing the particular chaos she shows in some way they believe to be coherent…but when you put it that way?

        …it does seem like the simplest version might literally be that she knows she’s very bad at the actual job so anyone voting who gets that part is likely smart enough to tell that any opponent is both making a better case for “why do X”…has a better grasp of how to do X…& will clearly work harder for their constituents

        …so her only move is to triangulate on people who don’t vote that way by offering to disagree at every turn & do literally nothing but bitch that everyone else is wrong, actually…wouldn’t have thought contrarianism 101 was a viable basis for a career in politics…but that must just be my optimistic nature & sunny disposition leading me astray, I guess?

      • Nah, she’s not that deep. Biden is president, so Ukraine is his war, thus it’s bad, and anything that goes against him is good. It’s also how she gets to “antiwar” for a guy who joined an all-volunteer army. He’s extremely racist (so he must hates Democrats), so he must be against their war … even though he, again, joined an all-volunteer army.

          • Grifting at it’s *finest!*

            She’s one of those jerks who’s probably always been in the “mean girl” crew… not gifted enough to make her way as a “smart kid,” so she mocks folks who do put in the hard work to educate themselves (gotta put ’em down for being “nerds,” so SHE doesn’thave to feel bad about not trying/being too lazy to bother to learn even the most BASIC facts… probably got by when she was younger by being “Hot… but a bit crazy”–and *again* Mean-Girling it up–because she is so the type to “only have guy friends, because girls are too bitchy!”

            As a woman, who grew up Podunk-rural and has known countless of the type, she screams former “Hot-Chick” who based her *entire* personality on how she was able to manipulate the people (particularly men) around her into doing what she wanted–and frankly cresting chaos & drama just because she thought it was “fun” and it allowed her to be the center of attention…

            Annnnnd now she’s getting older & has lost that ability to be the local chaos-ringmaster to younger women, she set her sights on DC, to get in on THAT grift…

            She’s sooooooo much like Michele Bachmann–and just as goddamn transparent about her hypocrisy, that it’s paaaaaaainful!

            She wants to be *Today’s* Sarah Palin–making herself ALL the money possible, for as long as she can… She’s a younger, DUMBER, just as terrible Phyllis Schlafly–too damn dumb to get herself through law school–but JUST as vicious & vituperative in the harm she’ll cause for her fellow women–hell, tbh, ^that^ is probably why she’s fallen out so hard with ‘ol Bobo–both were WAY too used to being “Queen Bee” in their own little podunks–getting national press, plenty of money thrown their way–annnnnd can’t fucking STAND to see a woman who isn’t *herself* be liked/admired and PAID by *anyone* else–sooooo eventually they turn on that “other” like the cane toads they are…


      • Sort of reminds me of my stepmom. I wonder if it’s a psychosis or they just like the attention/reaction that being an extremist contrarian gets them. In my stepmom’s case, she’s not dumb but she is petty and insecure.

        • My mother-in-law is the same. I think with her, it’s compulsive. You say something and she automatically disagrees with it. Every single time. It’s like a trained reflex.

          Yes, she’s also MAGA. But she’s been this way her whole life.

      • Yeah, this is it: Contrarianism is going against everyone, not just picking the side you’re already clearly on and defending it. If this happened under President Papaya Pol Pot and it was someone who wasn’t openly racist, MTG would be calling for their immediate execution. That’s just her defending her people, not actually being contrarian.

  1. I don’t blame you for steering clear of Florida, Meg. But there is a silver lining to this horrible mess:

    Playbook: The GOP’s abortion problems are only beginning

    Quote: Banning medical abortions would be an unmitigated political disaster for Republicans.

    Me: Currently people are speculating that DeSantis won’t even bother to run for president now. His poll numbers are in the toilet and this will not help him. Though somehow I think that he thinks it will.

      • They really, really didn’t. It’s astounding. I guess they thought the wimmenfolks would lose interest and head back into the kitchen.

        Instead, in an entirely predictable turn of events, it would seem that telling over 50% of the population that you’re taking away their rights and bodily autonomy turned out to be a bad move. And now Republicans are running around wringing their hands and screeching “Oh noes what shall we do?”

        • At one level, they’ve known it forever. A lot of Republicans used to be pro choice because they knew extremism would hurt them in elections, and their pollsters have been talking about it for a long time.

          But they’ve been trapped as one set of funders and pundits have gotten increasingly biased toward short term thinking and little goals, while a second set of kooks have been pushing a longterm strategic plan.

          Most GOP politicians in 2000 were careful to draw clear lines backing only smaller restriction on abortion. But their strategy for maintaining that position was hopelessly weak and confused, and the kooks knew they could buy out or intimidate the larger faction easily. And now they’re all stuck in the same boat.

      • I am not defending DeSantis because he sucks, but this was absolutely a freak weather event. I went out walking in the bright sunshine yesterday. We got a couple of late afternoon showers. I was completely astounded when I saw the news about Ft. Lauderdale.

        Climate change is gonna fuck Florida up.

    • Once upon a time I was watching the Tony awards with my MIL who is a big theater person.  It was the year when The Producers was kicking ass and taking names.  I said to her, “you know what Mel Brooks should do next for Broadway–Blazing Saddles.”

      She laughed in this rolling thunder way that she has, and said, “you can’t do Blazing Saddles on Broadway.”

      “Why not?”

      “Because you can’t do the Bean Scene on Broadway.”

      “Nancy, if a musical whose signature song is Springtime for Hitler can be done on Broadway, then they can do the Bean Scene on Broadway.”

      • We’ve (DS folks) have talked about this film before. My memory is being on a first date with a young man at being mortified and embarrassed by that scene.

  2. Also Dan Snyder. Some folks are screaming that he’s getting a pile of money for being an incompetent inept asshole selling the Commanders.


    This is a fucking jerk who got off being a powerful asshole in the NFL aka exclusive club of assholes. No amount of money can replace the feeling of having that kind of power and influence over people.

    Sometimes folks get the fate they deserve. He will forever remember that he got kicked out of the club of his peers. Considering how thin skinned he is, this will definitely leave a mark. He will probably spend the rest of his life being an even more loathsome jack hole trying to regain what he lost.

  3. This is a great piece on a recording of Tennessee GOP infighting behind the scenes of the expulsion fight.

    It’s a good illustration of why counting votes and throwing up your hands in defeat because the GOP will never change is a bad approach.

    It’s going to be a long fight, and the more you can find issues which will make them turn on each other, the more work it will be for them all over.

    It’s equivalent of backing the French resistance to the Vichy puppets — the more infighting, the more distracted the Nazis were from their front lines.

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