…on second thoughts [DOT 9/4/20]


…I had a whole thing…maybe a little bit of a rant with some venting on the side & a whole string of links…but some cruel twist of fate seems to have prevented it from saving & thus spared you all at least for today

…& now that I have that much figured out it’s pretty nearly time for this sort of thing to show up…so here’s a few of those links (pretty sure there were others but the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet so they’ll have to wait)

…there was a definitely a bit of this


…because…well…he’ll never be my favorite & I stopped thinking he had any kind of a real shot a while back…but it just smacks of giving the fuck up in the face of a foregone conclusion that didn’t go so well for those of us who’d like to step away from the caricature of politics that have been a staple diet for the last four or so years

…& a bit of this


…because…well…that’d be the caricature thing in full swing, wouldn’t it?


…yeah…that particular bit of fuckery I railed on about for a while so I’m pretty sure I kicked in another link for those who can’t be bothered negotiating their way past that paywall


…then there was a little run of things that made me feel like my head was crowned in a big gout of flame where I probably went overboard a little on the invective…so maybe it’s a good thing I lost the draft because now doesn’t seem like a great time to catch a libel case or anything




…I think it was about here you could smell the hair burning as my head lit up…because big as those cracks have to be to have so many people fall down them it just seems flat out unreasonable that there aren’t a few more tails of a few more rats getting stuck in them along the way…& that’s ostensibly a shaky metaphor since rats & their tails aren’t that big & the cracks seem to be…but these are two-legged rats & if tails are equated to the asses being covered then they’re mostly pretty prodigious as it happens so I’m pretty sure I stuck to it well past the point of no return…which I guess I’m still hoping we haven’t reached


…looks like we’re maybe within sight of it, though


…which is the sort of thing many of us don’t exactly have the mental bandwidth for…because unenthralling as Biden may be as a candidate…even with the addition of whatever female pick for VP will consent to join that ticket…this is a straight up life or death election we’re looking at here & while voting is undoubtedly a right that all ought to be expected to exercise responsibly it isn’t reasonable to ask people to take their lives in their hands en masse to do it

As Pandemic Imperils Elections, Democrats Clash With Trump on Voting Changes

…& let’s not beat about the bush here…there is no good reason this whole thing couldn’t be rigged up on a mail-in basis…were it not for the fact that the party in power has been contorting that contest to achieve its preferred outcome for a long time & frankly is a damn sight better at it than it has any business being…which is why this kind of shit is no surprise

Trump Is Pushing a False Argument on Vote-by-Mail Fraud. Here Are the Facts.

…we know he’s full of shit…we know this…we know the argument is full of shit…we know that…& yet we know that – even under the current borderline cataclysmic scenario – none of that will matter because the misbegotten deference awarded at all levels to this disingenuous claptrap means that it’s probably enough to make this not only an argument but one that the alleged administration stands a good chance of fumbling into a win…because they have to according to every tenet they actually care about

…& let’s be quite clear about this…literally none of those tenets involve the premium value they place on the importance or sanctity of the lives of their citizenry…government of the people, by the people & for the people hasn’t had a look in for these people in a generation or more at a bare minimum…& let’s face it…it seems pretty clear it goes back farther than that

…or to put it another way…business as usual



…speaking of which


…yet another example of a dead-eyed, soulless parody of a human being profoundly unqualified for a single position of serious influence in national affairs somehow holding the dance cards for multiple positions that would each take a better man than he to fulfill…although in his case there’s a word for that


…so, yeah…around about the jared thing I’m pretty sure I really lost my rag…it was downright vituperative & very possibly actionable in a legally-binding sense so there’s at least a possibility that someone with edit privileges nixed the thing in a display of uncharacteristic prudence…but I’m pretty sure the technology itself went into open revolt & pretended to tell me the thing was scheduled while dropping it in a digital well of some sort before it even made it past my router…& it probably seems distinctly odd to be banging on about it at such length but this is alarmingly close to being a stream of consciousness depiction of me trying to remember roughly which links I thought I’d included & I’m still puzzled about quite why I’m having to do this all over again

…but on the upside, you might have found all the foaming at the mouth distasteful if like me you haven’t yet had enough coffee to deal with that sort of thing…& if the jared stuff wasn’t a good look…then what happened after this link


…let’s just say you would have been doing a whole lot more scrolling & leave it at that, shall we?

…so, in a spirit of penitence that has to be at least distantly appropriate to the whole pre-easter thing I’m going to post this & go look for something to put down here at the end of it that doesn’t make me want to write the day off & go back to bed



    • I’ve been too busy to read the stories on that one, but honest question, since he’s also in tech, and allegedly has alt-right leanings/tendencies…

      Is the man who was ultimately behind the takedown of the mothership of the sites we all met on involved with Clearview? (You know, the one with the personal grudge against Gawker)

      Or is he simply “friends” with enough tech folk, & folks in the Trumpco Administration, that it’s believable that he would be involved in this sort of crap?

  1. SplinterRIP, you’re awesome every day.

    Bernie is giving up. After almost 4 years of trump and now his lethal mishandling of the pandemic, Bernie, like myself, believed that the DNC would be ready for real change. We were both wrong. The DNC is GOP light, and will never back a truly progressive candidate for POTUS. At least not in my lifetime.

    • Isn’t he though? Cracks me up that his second post after accidentally deleting a first one is just a detailed. I’d be like “oops, deleted my post, ya’ll are on your own”. 🙂

    • I don’t think the DNC exists except as sort of a will o’ wisp, a cold dead light dancing over a swamp.

      I think Biden winning is more like an old draft horse plodding through a muddy track while the thoroughbreds foundered because the track managers were too dumb to turn off the sprinklers on the infield and flooded the track.

  2. That IG roulette he’s playing is 100% so he can get some of that money for himself, as well as throw it to his buddies for political capital. The EPA IG is never going to be able to do both jobs well at all, so the environment is a bonus fucking. Now, do I expect that any of the shit that is sure to take place with all that money will ever get revealed, much less have Trump face consequences? No, I do not.

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