…on the flipside [DOT 20/3/20]

…it’s not a new concept…although to some the novelty never does seem to wear off…but for the sake of a little context let’s go with a historical* example

[*now that each week lasts approximately 1,000 years subjectively I’m getting comfortable referring to yesterday as “historically speaking”…]

NY Times: Trump done fucked up…

…& yet, much as pretty much all of us could use a buck

…seems like that buck’s getting harder to pass…unless you’re on that inside track, I guess?


…so naturally

nah, dick…we good…NPR were pretty clear…& believable…plus you really don’t want to be invoking the “knowingly & irresponsibly” thing…

…also, anyone else just generally uncomfortable with the idea of burr in conjunction with short-for-richard…right…so I guess that’s just me then…where was I…



…yup…that’s the NYT piece from the top…turns out time really is a flat circle

…oh, yeah…that’s right…dick burr is…well…living up to his name?

…& meanwhile, speaking of markets & the NY Times

Stocks Inch Higher as Wall Street’s Turmoil Continues

…so, yeah…that’s all…well…it’s all about confidence, you see…& the only thing most of us are confident about right now is that even with competent people in charge things are likely to get worse before they get better


Coronavirus credit crunch could make 2008 look like ‘child’s play’

…& the people in charge…not looking so competent


Before Virus Outbreak, a Cascade of Warnings Went Unheeded

…I mean it’s not that it’s all bad


…but it weren’t that great to begin with


…so much as it’s a grand gesture to send everyone a check


…if they haven’t got an address anymore how does it get to them, exactly…& how about down the line when whatever shit they have hidden in the other shoe drops…because you know it kills some of those fuckers to think some of that money might go to people who ain’t never gonna vote their vainglorious party anywhere but the fuck out of office

…whilst their thinking that way is busy…you know…actually killing folks

Trump sows confusion with claim coronavirus drug will be ready soon

…you know you never coming back?


  1. Yes, here’s another corruptican who also dumped stock after the infamous meeting – Ga’s new junior senator appointed by the Gov that stole his election – who is married to the CEO of the NY Stock Exchange. So, there’s also that.


    Also, adding – apparently there were some Dems too – shame on you Dianne Fienstein.


    • …thanks for that…I noticed something about that first bit but couldn’t figure out where to cram it in ATL

      …seriously, though…how is it always people who would have been just fine without illegal trading practices…& in this case literally married to someone whose job is to know better?

    • …to some degree (in addition to what farscythe said) there’s always the question of how they framed the question?

      …if that’s a straight yes/no on “is he doing a good job” some are probably thinking “eh, I guess…fuck if I know what to do about it…glad I’m not him” but if they ask a few questions & what they’re trying in their analytical wisdom to do is track the movement rather than the sentiment there are so many ways to get there as to make the number almost meaningless by the time you do?

      …can’t ignore the possibility that “I like that he’s talking about me getting some cash in my hand” is enough for over half of respondents, though

  2. The Republican proposal also includes emergency aid for small businesses and industries such as airline companies.

    The GOP proposal would provide $208 billion for loans or loan guarantees to air carriers and other distressed industries but no more than $50 billion for passenger air carriers and $8 billion for cargo air carriers. The rest, around $150 billion, would be for other industries.

    $216 billion? lol. I wish it was only so much. no way fatty gives only that to his fellow thieves…

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