On the Fly [DOT 11/5/22]

I’m (still) in Cleveland this weekend celebrating my Dad’s 80th Birthday and yesterday I got to try my friend’s new restaurant. It is AMAZING. If you are ever in Cleveland, make sure you go to Martha On The Fly! Order ahead and enjoy some food you can definitely eat!

I’m also still creating these posts on my iPad and while it’s not as difficult as on a phone, it’s still a bit onerous. So once again, help keep me informed by dropping your news tidbits in the comments.

Brain Drain will be around shortly for all your listening, watching, and reading needs!

Nice business plan Elon’s got there

Twitter slashes nearly half its workforce as Musk admits ‘massive drop’ in revenue


Nancy Pelosi makes first public appearance since attack on husband Paul Pelosi



Dow closes 400 points higher, but snaps four-week win streak on rising rate fears



Nike suspends relationship with Kyrie Irving

Oopsie. Somebody effed up.
Locomotive crashes into excavator at Strasburg Rail Road in Lancaster County

Have an amazing Saturday!



  1. cleveland?

    you know….i like to give americans shit for not knowing their geography when it comes to countries outside of the world….uhh…i mean america

    but i had to google where that is…even tho i know of it

    like any seafaring person i only know the coastal towns

  2. Since it’s Saturday, how about we attend a kind of open house via this real estate listing?


    Now, I am getting as tired of mid-century modernism as everyone else at this point, but these photos! The owner, first name Hermine, who recently died at 99, had owned this house since 1961 and lovingly (and lavishly) cared for it all that time. Another article I read said that the DE broker is the grandson of one of the Hermine’s closest friends and he used to hang out there all the time.

    Further research reveals that the house is just off Benedict Canyon Drive, which has tons of sprawling estates both old and new, and that means it is in the hills above Beverly Hills. If you’ve ever been you’ll have noticed that Beverly Hills where it meets with West Hollywood doesn’t seem so hilly; that part of Beverly Hills is called The Flats. Benedict Canyon Drive descends to The Flats and once it crosses Sunset Blvd. it conveniently turns into Rodeo Drive.

    So all in all a perfect retreat if you have $7 million to spare.

    • I was feeling optimistic about the election, but then my dad mentioned that he voted this time. That scares me because he never votes and I know he went to vote for Herschel Walker because he’s a UGA fan – which enrages me. I didn’t get into it because I’ve tried to before pointing out his old white guy privilege and it just turns into a nasty yelling match because he just doesn’t get it no matter how I frame it. The rest of our family has all voted Dem at least, so hopefully this will cancel his vote out.

      • …between the spread of different polling predictions of wildly varied methodology & the historical data suggesting mid-terms favor the non-governing party I would admit to feeling extremely uneasy about tuesday

        …but there do appear to be some signs to indicate that it could still muddle through to something non-disastrous…I don’t know…but the only thing that seems certain is that it’s going to some kind of a shitshow between stuff like the rampant vote suppression pulled by the likes of kemp & the general it’s-rigged-unless-we-win contingent…the venn diagram of which seems to be just the one circle?

      • It won’t be a cakewalk, and Florida is fucked, I suspect. But every clear-eyed analysis I’ve read suggests that polling is wildly skewed toward old people who answer their phones, and young people are going to turn out. Fingers crossed.

      • What a dumb fucking reason.

        It’s Georgia. 98% of that state is either a Georgia fan or a Georgia state fan. For all I know, Warnock is also rooting for the Bulldogs today against Tennessee.

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