…once bidden [DOT 25/6/20]

case go bye-bye...

…there’s some other shit going on out there

China and America Are Heading Toward Divorce


Ad Boycott of Facebook Keeps Growing


The vote reflected the waning likelihood that Congress would be able to reach an election-year compromise on legislation to address racial bias in policing.


…not so great if you felt like flying to Europe, though


…or treking out to the east coast


…which is just a fuckton of irony however you cut it

With no licenses that can be revoked and no database tracking their misconduct, officers in New Jersey are able to jump from agency to agency, even after they are fired.

…& yet for the most part today there’s one thing I keep coming back to

The judge in the case of President Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn, was ordered to immediately dismiss it. The full appeals court could review the matter.

…& however much else might be jumping up & down being all urgent news

President Trump is leaning hard into his decades-long habit of falsely portraying some black Americans as dangerous or lawless. And he is doing it during one of the most tumultuous periods in decades.


Wrongfully Accused by an Algorithm





Roundup Maker to Pay $10 Billion to Settle Cancer Suits

…& then there’s the threats (real & imagined) to national monuments to consider




…& even one or two things you just can’t help but laugh at

In Reversal, Trump-Comey Mini-Series Will Now Air Before Election Day


…still, though…the thing I want to be clear about…& it isn’t just me that thinks this is some pretty clear cut shit…at least considering the amount of lawyer-speak mixed with media principles most of it gets expressed in…& trust me, “errant nonsense” is bigtime lawyer-shade


…is that the incipient case of gout that goes by the name Bill Barr is an unmitigated disaster of a human being & an exquisitely shitty AG who should be in the same jail he’s been so busy trying to keep his tinpot capo out of since before he so desperately begged for the chance to fuck over every legal principle he can remember while doing his best impression of a pig-sans-lipstick


…I can not stress this enough…Bill Barr is a walking, talking sack of fetid burning garbage whose assault on the institutions we fondly associate with the quaint fairytale notion we like to call justice is neither masterful nor subtle

Justice Dept. Officials Testify on Politicization Under Barr



…the number of times on his watch the justice his department is charged with has been not so much miscarried as quite deliberately derailed with all the nuance of a fucking freight train leaving the tracks is so deep into travesty territory that I honestly fear for the structural integrity of the thing


…I know Joe Biden isn’t all that


…& I know that if he wins come November the amount of this shit that is still going to fly in courts packed with people prepared to go to bat for the batshit crazy is still going to be frankly terrifying for quite possibly longer than I expect to be alive…but some days the prospect of him not winning seems plausible to me & quite honestly the thought of how bad things could get under those cicumstances is worse than the worst nightmare that ever dragged me back from blissful unconsciousness in a tangle of sheets & existential terror

…that might seem like a wierd thing to say when it seems clear that it was close last time & this time the numbers look worse for the insolvent incumbent candidate than they did when he had novelty value & no political track record

After the campaign rally in Tulsa, an accessory becomes a symbol.

…but it’s a stubborn terror & it won’t quit…because the other stuff adds up, too…& they’ve been paring down voter rolls & culling polling stations & obstructing postal ballots (& now the USPS is headed up by some acting schmuck who seems like all the shit he shouldn’t be under the circumstances) & all that fuckery with the vote-by-tech-&-let’s-not-have-any-of-those-pesky-ballot-papers bullshit that nice Jenny Cohn keeps telling people about

…stick that on top of the bounty of Hofeller’s gerrymandering genius & then supercharge it with the insanity combo that is the prison industrial complex…& you have have a table so warped that once you roll the dice you can’t even see how they landed

…I’d get into it but we’d all still be here this time next week & I wouldn’t be done explaining different ways that’s true so who knows how long it’d take if I threw in examples…but on the upside tomorrow’s friday & here’s Richard Pryor

…is that what a cesspool sounds like?


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