One Down, 51 To Go [DOT 6/1/23]

How was your first week of 2023?

Better than this guy, I hope.

House breaks 100-year record as McCarthy fails on 10th ballot for speaker


Eight members of Utah family found dead from gunshot wounds


Damar Hamlin asked who won the game between Bills and Bengals, doctor says


Stock futures rise slightly as investors look ahead to Friday’s jobs report

I feel like they really missed some opportunities with this headline.

River of melted butter blocks Wisconsin waterway after fire at dairy plant

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    Willy is not the only willy in the Royal Family, new book sensationally claims:

    Elsewhere in his tome, Harry speaks candidly about his penis and even shuts down longstanding rumors that he and his brother Prince William were uncircumcised.

    “My penis was a matter of public record, and indeed some public curiosity,” Harry writes. “The press had written about it extensively. There were countless stories in books, and papers (even The New York Times) about Willy and me not being circumcised.”

    Personally, even though I thought Prince Harry was incredibly hot during his hard-partying Nazi-uniform-wearing strip-billiards-playing days, I never speculated about his penis. I guess I’ve seen too many to even notice them. In fact, my college-era alcoholic boyfriend was a ginger and his mother was English, from Devon, so maybe I…

    Prince Harry, as of press time fifth in line to inherit the British throne, further revealed:

    He adds, “Mummy had forbidden it, they all said, and while it’s absolutely true that the chance of getting penile frostbite is much greater if you’re not circumcised, all the stories were false. I was snipped as a baby.”

    Harry had been discussing how his penis was “frostnipped” during his trip to Antarctica prior to William’s wedding to Kate Middleton.

    “The pre-wedding dinner was pleasant, jolly, despite Willy visibly suffering from standard groom jitters,” he says. “I regaled the company with tales of the [South] Pole. Pa was very interested and sympathetic about the discomfort of my frostnipped ears and cheeks, and it was an effort not to overshare and tell him also about my equally tender penis.

    Your Royal Correspondent has placed an inquiry with Montecito House about why and under what circumstances The Royal Appendage was exposed to the frosty Antarctic air and will report back if further details are forthcoming.

  2. Qevin is up to 11 losses as of adjournment yesterday:

    Kevin ends the day with a ‘win’—an adjournment, after losing the 11th round

    I must admit I’m not sure what is left for “negotiation.” Qevin has rolled over for the MAGAs on pretty much every. single. item. I read somewhere that all he really wants is to be able to put “Speaker of the House” on his resume so he can start collecting money from speaking and consulting when he loses or resigns his seat. The Paul Ryan gambit, as it were. Makes as much sense as anything, I suppose.

    • I’m thinking, at some point, the barely-sane (and shrinking all the time) wing of the Republicans in the House are going to have to cut a deal with Democrats to bail them out.  Hopefully, the Democrats aren’t stupid enough to include voting for McCarthy in that deal–but they’re certainly capable of it.

      • They saw what happened to Cheney and Kinzinger. They will not break ranks to side with the Democrats.

        A symbolic event shows how little appetite there is for any kind of crossing the aisle among the GOP. At the Capitol’s 1/6 commemoration, exactly one House Republican bothered to show up. And that has zero impact on sunstance compared to the current votes.

        This article talks about the personal toll this taking, and they still won’t dream of crossing the aisle. That takes leadership and vision  and these people are essentially bred in labs to lack those qualities, or even recognize them.

        Eventually they will come up with someone in their own ranks as a figurehead, similar to the way they found Dennis Hastert to be speaker ehen Tom Delay was really running the show.

        Hastert, of course, being the guy with a thinly hidden history as a rapist, and you can easily imagine the House GOP settling on someone else with a deeply compromised past.

    • I’m actually fairly surprised about Matt Schlapp.

      In the abstract, a hardcore anti-gay culture warrior turning out to be a closeted assaulter isn’t a shock — that’s in the DNA of the Catholic Church and GOP. Screwed up leaders and organizations collect people with huge semi-hidden problems, as shown by the NY Democrats with Cuomo, Weiner, Spitzer and more, the Murdoch empire, and so on.

      But I hadn’t heard that about Schlapp. He’s a huge operator in the right wing machine. It may well be coincidental to the current fight in the House. But you can bet a lot of right wingers with secrets are wringing their hands about how to double down on appeasement. They don’t think they can afford it if this isn’t a coincidence.

  3. For one piece of why the chaos caucus is alive and well, look at corporations breaking pledges to withold donations to election deniers.

    These people have made it clear they are going to the mat to blow up budget and debt ceiling bills. Their goal is obviously to trash the economy and spread chaos for their own gain. And they don’t care who they hurt, including corporations, along the way.

    To be clear, the nuts don’t want marginal increases in unemployment and inflation. They want to tank the stock market, trash supply chains, and blow up financial markets.

    GE, Home Depot, Amazon, American Airlines and all the other donors have Tesla brains.  They’re driving toward a cliff and blindly assuming the auto pilot will be just fine.

    • All them are galaxy brained shitheads.

      They caused the bulk of the inflation (price gouging) that we’re experiencing and inadvertently caused their own personal wealth (their stock value) to crater thanks to the FED raising interest rates to put a cap on inflation.

      • A huge chunk of it is related to the supply chain and infrastructure too, and GOP kooks running the house make it vastly more likely something critical breaks.

        Home Depot, Boeing, John Deere, etc. desperately need this stuff fixed. Trump had years to fulfill his key campaign promise on infrastructure, and actually could have cut a deal with Democrats, and couldn’t deliver. He and the GOP were paralyzed trying to deal with West Coast port collapses that Biden’s people cut through.

        If the Texas power grid goes down, does GE really think their GOP  fundees in the House will listen to them and cross the aisle to fix it? These people are idiots.

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