1. Unusually, I slept most of today (1st shift of night shift) as I usually have a miserable sleep the first night.

    More workplace drama as someone totally unqualified got a minor promotion upsetting the delicate ego ecosystem of work. Found out he’s a nepo-baby which explains how he gets away with doing jack shit (observed that he has all the horrible qualities of the worst of nepo-babies (lazy, entitled and untalented)).

    With the changes coming to management (new ownership), the circumstances might not be the best time for him but I don’t really care as he is not my problem.  Just grit my teeth and keep firing resumes out.

  2. Fox News — last night a fox was yowling down the block, but I didn’t see it. And then a couple of days ago I saw one gallop away from me into someone’s backyard a few blocks from home, which was unusual because they’re rare out in daylight around me.

  3. I got a great piece of news today. It seems that Better Half is up for a big job at another company. There are many reasons why this would be excellent but chief among them is HE MAY COMMUTE EVERY SO OFTEN TO THEIR OFFICE. This is very disloyal of me but we have been working from home practically side-by-side for going on five years now. Yes, even pre-pandemic, so it was good training for us when so many suddenly got locked in with their partners and snapped under the strain. This is actually a fine arrangement but for going on five years he’s been on the phone, that is his job, schmoozing away, calming ruffled feathers, doing deals, hunting down contacts and prospects, etc. Just one day a week, alone with the dog, in silence…

  4. It was pretty warm today, I had my afternoon coffee on the patio then played rope with Fanny. Good yoga class today too so all in all not a bad Tuesday.

  5. Anybody going to watch SOTU?  Tried watching pregame but then quack-lackey came on telling me about Biden’s historically bad numbers.  Fucking idiot!  Your polling system doesn’t work & is always wrong.  I’m going to play a v-ball doubleheader so will miss it.  Instead, I’ll come home & see if LeBron breaks Kareem’s all time scoring record.  Not sure how I feel about that as Kareem is God for us Laker fans but at least it will be another Laker.

    • The only reason to watch SOTU is to see the ethos of the goals of the administration. Trump’s sounded like a fascist regime in a scifi movie, and lookie lookie that was the strategy they were going for.

      We already know the tone of the Biden administration, I don’t see a reason to watch.

  6. TWD update that nobody needs to read. I’m on the final season (11). Two observations after binging the series.

    1. If you loose an eye in TWD, it will always be your right one. Four characters have lost their right eyeball or gone blind in it. Left eyes tend to remain intact.

    2. If you find a derelict cabin in the woods in TWD, it will always be the same cabin with minor adjustments pretending to be a different cabin. Probably because it’s cheaper than building a whole new cabin for a short scene.

  7. crunch time at my job….so im drowning in work

    gotta get all the shiney new model coffee machines out before tourist/festival season kicks off


    on the upside…once the weathers better and tourist season is in full swing i tend to have lots of time off available to go soak up the sunshine

    so meh….better to drown in work when it sucks outside anyways i guess

  8. I fell down a bit of a Levi’s rabbithole tonight, but then when I went to their website to peruse the current cuts/styles available?


    There were… at least *three*(?) Pop-ups and/or redirects which popped up on my screen (android & mobile, fwiw),*** so that I got completely distracted, suddenly realized I was not even close to doing that perusing I’d originally intended to do, and was somehow filing out a feedback survey asking me how my shopping had gone😒🙄😖

    So I TOLD them that they were distracting customers & losing out on sales, by completely taking those of us with ADHD *out* of our mission to browse then shop–because they totally are doing that, with all those damn pop-ups & things which pull folks away from the shopping sector of the site!😆😂🤣

    I explained that the *multiple* pop-ups & redirects are incredibly distracting, and that after *dealing* with all of them–and being asked to do a *multi-part* survey, not only had they thoroughly distracted me (and I’m SURE, many others!😉) from shopping…. now I was incredibly annoyed *and* bored from dealing with all those distracting things, and I told them I was going to close out all the browser windows, as soon as the survey finished….

    And now that I think of it?


    I need to go clear those damn cookies, too!

    The fact that I had the opportunity to think about ALL that?

    That means *someone* in their marketing department SUCKS at their job–because what *ought* to have happened, was me getting sucked into their website, and browsing… not getting pulled off the shopping pages, and annoyed away from the site!😆😂🤣

    Bonus points on that terrible marketing, too, for annoying me (and I’m sure others, too!), into clearing my damn cookies, so they can’t *keep* tracking me quite as easily!🤣🤣🤣

    ***eta–those three *different* distracting pop-ups (including that survey request!) happened within the first 3-5 minutes of me landing on the website!🥴

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