Ooops! [DOT 12/5/23]

Happy Friday gang!

Apologies for the tardiness, but I did the thing where I fell asleep on my laptop last night…

Feel free to fill in the blanks!

Well that’s a start

Ex-Marine to be charged in NYC subway chokehold death

I hope she does

E Jean Carroll considering suing Trump for his remarks during CNN town hall

Today in Birds:

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  1. Yesterday I went to work early, but got up too late to make dinner so I went to McD’s.

    Had to wait for my food in a drive thru courtesy spot, but some asshole and their brat double parked in what was supposed to be my spot.

    I did the Canadian thing and ignored the pair of assholes while thinking violent thoughts.

    Minor moment of karma. I got my food before they did. I could here their whining as I drove away… Fuck you double parking shithead.

  2. …so, I read somewhere that that vivek ramaswamy guy said he wanted to up the voting age to mid-20s…but younger if you did a bit of national military service…&…what kind of a spoiler candidate is he meant to be again?

    …because if you could actually get amendments to that order of stuff passed vote suppression might not be going nuts the way the greg palast thing focused on georgia details so exhaustively…so it’s not a serious suggestion in that sense

    …but it’s also literally the model heinlein moots & verhoeven riffed on in starship troopers…& both times that shit was explicitly exaggerated for dystopian effect

    …which seems a touch on the nose even in our modern pop-conscious media savvy era of culture warring?

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