Or Something [DOT 15/4/22]

[whispers: that's the joke]

So today is NOT actually tax day (for those of you in the US), though you might think so. You get a last minute reprieve until Monday due to Emancipation Day, a DC holiday.

Fucked around, found out.

Russia says flagship missile cruiser has sunk after explosion off coast of Ukraine

Same for this guy.

US Capitol rioter who said he believed he was following Trump’s orders found guilty on all charges

Frankly I see few reasons to ever travel any further south than Maryland. Maybe Virginia, under duress.

Ha ha!

Man who paid $2.9m for NFT of Jack Dorsey’s first tweet set to lose almost $2.9m


Elon Musk offers to buy Twitter for more than $40bn


The stonk market is closed today.


Sale of Tom Brady’s ‘last’ TD ball for $518K reportedly voided after QB unretires

Today in things that made me laugh harder than they should:

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  1. Ever since the Howell Raines era the “Times” has been an easy victim and examplar of self-parody, but I wonder if they’re now just throwing up their hands and “leaning in” to it for clicks.

    Speaking of traveling south from Maryland, does anyone remember the Behind Closed Ovens feature from Jezebel? I really enjoyed the feature, but the writer, C.A. Pinkham, was a real piece of work. He mentioned more than once that he was in western Maryland, and used to bash the South in a kind of à-propos-of-nothing way. In one post he said something like “here in Western Maryland we’re not like those [something offensive] people below the Mason-Dixon line…” and I gently commented back, because I was in the blacks and am a geography nerd, “Well, akshully, you yourself live below the Mason-Dixon line. It is literally the boundary that separates Pennsylvania to the north from Maryland in the south.”

    His comment back to me was along the lines of “That’s bullshit and you’re a fucking idiot and if you’ve ever been to western Maryland you’d know it’s not below the Mason-Dixon line…” I was going to write back that just because, say, Frederick, MD, doesn’t feel like Tuscaloosa, they are both below the Mason-Dixon line, in the same way that Miami doesn’t feel like Tallahassee but they are both, in fact, in Florida.”

    His geographical ignorance aside he had a lot more problems, including stalking I think, and this was back in the days when Gawker media cared about their commenters and he was offensive to many of us so he was shown the door. He wound up on Wonkette (originally a Gawker property by the way), which was a weird fit, but that didn’t last long.

    I wonder what he’s doing now. Probably an active participant on #incel reddit boards.

    Anyway, it’s Friday, this one a day of sorrow for Christians, but this will cheer people up:

  2. Being a native Georgian – I get your point about going south of The Wall that is the Mason Dixon line – but there is the loveliness of Asheville and the Outerbanks that I think shouldn’t be missed.

    • I’ve lived below the Mason-Dixon for most of my adult life, and there are many beautiful places. Some of them completely unexpected. West Virginia has some of the best natural lands the country. It has a lot of problems and I won’t make any excuses for the racism there. But for sheer beauty it’s tough to beat.

      • It was funny that I, of all people, was defending the South, a place I’ve never been except for a few days in Charleston. But I have loads of friends from there, especially New Orleans, and they’re all lovely people. Actually, I’m contradicting myself if I’m being literal: I have tons of friends in DC and must have cumulatively spent many, many weeks there by now. Better Half’s parents were both born in the south (although there is a reason why he wasn’t born in the south, but I think that was more economic migration than persecution.)

    • Georgia flipped two senators to Democrats thanks to Stacey Abrams and her legion of activists, and without them things would be far grimmer.

      McConnell would have blockaded judges across the board including Abrams, Covid relief would have been minimal, infrastructure would have been dead, agency heads would still be in limbo — the GOP is gumming things up as best they can, but  Defense Department and intelligence spots that have been critical to opposing Putin would still be empty.

      This isn’t exoneration of the South, but it’s a sign that surrender isn’t preordained. Shrugging is what led to McCaulliffe in Virginia.


  3. So, here’s a horrifying thing I saw the other day:  As I was walking into my physical therapy appointment I saw a woman dropping her son off at the same place.  He was maybe 8 or 9 years old.  He was wearing a black t-shirt and on the front was “Trump 2024.  Keep America Great.”  On the back was a representation of an American flag.  The blue field with the stars was pretty standard.  However, all of the red stripes were represented by various types of assault rifles.  Oh. My.  Fucking.  God.

    This is how right wing bullshit lives on forever.  The idiot parents groom their idiot children early.  I wished I could have called child protective services on that awful woman.

    • I think Voting rights are the top priority but there is really so much republican mess that it’s virtually impossible for the Dems to address it all especially with DINO’s Manchin and Sinema doing McConnell’s work for him. It’s our usual cycle of repubs destroy everything and steal everyone’s money – then Dems get voted in to clean up the mess – there is usually so much mess that Dems get voted out because of being deemed ineffectual – rinse wash repeat.


    • The verdict is notable because the Feds have been building a long record of guys like this who openly attribute their role in 1/6 directly to Trump. The feds are playing their cards close to the vest, but there are good reasons to believe this record is part of the path to linking Trump to the full conspiracy.

      Basically they hope to show Trump ordered the attack and knew the  effect it would have on guys like this. There are obviously a bunch of moving parts, but my understanding as a layperson is that naming Trump as a conspirator to a larger scheme limits the amount of proof needed to show he was a full participant in the organizing of it.

      One case isn’t sufficient, but it will matter to see how big this trend of “Trump told me to” stories becomes.

      • I just loved his lawyer basically saying “my client is a dumbass, uneducated rube that was brainwashed!”  Can’t argue with that!  Reminded me of one of the best lines in Animal House…


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