Out for ice cream [NOT 14/5/22]

It’s sunny today and we’re taking advantage by going out for ice cream. This is a last minute NOT. Please forgive me for the brevity and lack of inspiration.

What are you up to tonight?



  1. Mine is mint chocolate chip. I had a plum gelato in Italy about 20 years ago that I still think about and have never seen in America, not that I visit ice cream stores much.

    • There’s got to be a local joint within 10 blocks you can sweet talk into making some when they’re in season. But prime the pump first. Have a couple of friends stop by a couple of days beforehand and ask if they have plum gelato, so when you show up with a recipe they’ll give you freebies all summer.

      • You overestimate the culinary options in my neighborhood. I’m not sure there is any ice cream shop(pe) within 10 blocks of me in any direction. My best option would be to convince McDonald’s HQ to use my local one as a test kitchen for plum soft-serve, or get the local Dunkin’ to introduce a plum smoothie which I could take home, freeze, and make a sorbet out of. There is a very good (and pricey) northern Italian seafood restaurant (why I don’t know) and in the other direction the same but French; maybe one of them would go for it.

      • Aaaaand now I have a firm deadline. I feel like Lois Lane under the gun to get that Superman soft profile written for the upcoming edition of the Daily Planet Sunday Magazine. I will do it!

  2. I am making Grasshoppers as dessert tomorrow evening. 1 ounce creme de menthe, 1 ounce creme de cocoa, 1 ounce cream, blended with crushed ice and topped with a small melon baller sized scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and served with a mint milano cookie. Then perhaps calling the paramedics, eh?

    I like dark chocolate or butter brickle ice cream, or blackberry, or cherry…Or coffee…hmm I like it all?

  3. I’m a fan of pretty much all ice creams, but my absolute favourite is Baskin-Robbins chocolate peanut butter. I rarely get it, and usually settle for whatever variety of mint + chocolate that’s available, but man, I love that chocolate peanut butter.


    I just tossed together a cake – peanut butter, banana, and smoked butterscotch. Based on what I licked off the spatula, it’s going to be bomb.

  4. I’ve said this before and it usually draws gasps of disbelief but I could go the rest of my life without ice cream and never miss it. I don’t hate it or anything but I don’t get what the fuss is all about.

  5. I have 2 ice cream places within an easy walk from my house, 4 if you include the gas station and the chocolate shop that also sell ice cream, 6 if you include the 2 grocery stores I can walk to.

    Within a 10 minute drive? Add a Dairy Queen, Andy’s Frozen Custard, and Ted Drewes Custard. Personal opinion – Ted Drewes is extremely overrated.

    Anyways, come to St Louis for the beer and humidity, stay for the diabeetus.

  6. im currently having a breakfast icecream….a magnum almond

    its helping soothe a truly monstrous hangover….guess i maybe had a little too much fun with eurovision….wich i expected to be headlining the news today…..but apparently merica merica’d again


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