Out of sight, out of mind [NOT 9/7/24]

image of Dr. House shrugging with the text "shrug life"

Hi, friends!

We’ve been getting the remnants of Hurricane Beryl here today, which means it’s been raining for like 12 hours. Mostly a light rain, at points heavier. Enough to make things soggy puddly messes, but not likely to cause any flash flooding or worse problems.

However, I have a leaky basement even with my sump pump. My solution to dealing with this is to just not go downstairs today. No good will come from going down there.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Do you have similar things where you act like that? Are you the person that can put the cookies in the pantry and then resist their siren call because you don’t see the on the counter?



  1. I had an appointment with the dentist today and managed to enter a semi-fugue state while I was getting my teeth scraped and probed. The hygenist asked me questions about my flossing or my discomfort level and I just made vague noises that I thought might stop the questions. They did, and I don’t need anything else done.

  2. if you told me way back when i played and was recruited to play in europe i would have called you crazy to suggest that in my lifetime i’d watch canada vs. the world cup champs in the semi finals of copa america.

    if you told me a few years ago that the refs were going to cheer for messi all the way to a world cup championship and do the same for messi in the semi finals against canada in copa america…

    well…don’t colour me surprised.

    go colombia!

  3. had a fairly massive thunderstorm last night

    apparently im the kind of person that thinks….hey…i should unplug the electronics

    …yeah… but the footies on innit?

    welp anyways…got away with it

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