Out of the Loop [DOT 5/3/22]

I spent most of yesterday in the car driving from Maryland to Ohio.

On my way I saw actually quite a few of the ”trucker convoy” headed into town.

I think they will really enjoy DC’s $5/gallon gas.

A nonprofit says it collected over $1.5 million for a D.C.-region-bound truck convoy. Its director recently pleaded guilty to fraud.


Live updates: Russia invades Ukraine


Christ what an asshole


32 days in Krzyzewskiville: Camping with the ‘Crazies’ ahead of Coach K’s home finale



Sanctioned Russian billionaire banker Mikhail Fridman was locked out of the private-equity firm he cofounded and staff were told to ignore him, report says


Just a little PSA: If you or a loved one have contemplated suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or text TALK to 741741. The International Association for Suicide Prevention and Befrienders Worldwide also provide contact information for crisis centers around the world.

Hey you, ya you, have a great Saturday!



  1. Trucker Fuckers:  If you ever wondered what your high school bullies are doing these days…

    Other famous Dookies… The Idiot son of Roodles “Treason Season” Ghouliani.

  2. It seems that these trucker idiots are also backing Putin’s war because…get this…they say it’s a joint effort with Trump to destroy bio weapons being made there by…wait for it…Dr Fauci. God these fucking assholes are the stupidest most gullible pieces of shit ever.

    • …yeah…I threw a tweet talking about that into one of those interminable DOTs earlier in the week…but the anti-vax crazies, the truckers & a bunch of other people who seem to really struggle with the definition of the word “freedom” all seem perversely inclined to side with the kind of despotic russian idealogue who was literally the bond villain when I was a kid

      …it’s pretty weird?

        • …I could be wrong but I think you got the image that won’t load for me from here


          …so I’m guessing it’s this one?

          odd job bond villain henchman

          …though luckily I don’t think the current crop get their hats from as high-quality source…in fact I think even the peaky blinders are a cut above (apologies for the terrible pun) in terms of lethal headgear

          …your maga cap seems more to destroy what’s inside the head it’s on rather than be much of a weapon…although it’s clearly the most offensive of the three?

      • A huge problem is Facebook and Twitter are pulling punches. This article unintentionally shows how:


        Facebook is described as moving agains Russian propaganda, but when you dig into the story find out that they are only now moving against groups tied to news sources banned two years ago. And they only banned 40 users. Twitter is said to have banned 12 accounts.

        The ridiculous thing is that Facebook deploys their tech to block accounts of lactation consultants — they have the ability to track in almost real time the rollout of propaganda campaigns and shut down the accounts of bad actors.

        But the critical piece — shutting down accounts — is something so rare that numbers can be described with two digits. And that’s true for the antivax, neonazi user networks they have allowed to infest their platforms too.

        It’s all about creating the illusion of action by focusing on specific posts, rather than actually cracking down on the people creating them.

  3. Two internet questions from a non internet savvy person (me)…

    1. Where’s Anonymous? Can they help with the war?

    2. Could someone start a nonprofit anti-troll farm which creates lovebots to troll the trolls and badbots with pictures of cute animals?

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