Over It [DOT 18/3/22]

At least it’s Friday because I am OVER this week.

Work was sucky, people I care about are sad for various reasons, and my neck is in full spasm. I have a Dr. appointment today to get a handle on that and my next door neighbor stuck a bunch of needles in me yesterday.

So hopefully this weekend I’ll be in better shape for the big project of replacing the leaky toilet in my bathroom. Tots and pears people, tots and pears.


U.S. citizen killed in Chernihiv; strike near Kharkiv leaves at least 23 dead

Russia-Ukraine war latest: Biden to warn Xi against backing Putin as Russian military offensives falter – live


‘It’s gone too far to mend’: Unhappy Baker Mayfield requests trade from Browns

More Sprots!


Stock futures fall slightly as S&P 500 tries to notch its best week since November 2020

What? How?


Have a great Friday!



  1. I recently decided that I have become too introspective and should take more interest in the lives of others. To that end I turned to the “New York Post”‘s Page Six.


    I know who Josh Flagg is because I love “Million Dollar Listing.”

    ‘Million Dollar Listing’ star Josh Flagg scores $9M home after announcing divorce

    Here are the pertinent details. He is 36 and bought the house, a 1926 Beverly Hills Mediterranean villa, via a trust. He is divorcing Bobby Boyd, age unknown, who is a former Calvin Klein and Versace model (IDIOT) and is now a real estate agent himself. Josh is an LA native and comes from a prominent family:

    his late grandmother Edith Flagg was most notable for bringing polyester to the United States in 1967 and later securing a monopoly on the fabric.

    Can you imagine having a monopoly on polyestser during the 1970s? That family must be richer than God.

    Flagg, who has been living at the Beverly Hills Hotel for the past few months, shared renderings of designs for the rebuild of the new Bedford house with us. He is collaborating with star architect William Hefner on the project that will cost roughly $7 million.

    On second thought, returning to my introspective ways might be better for my mental health.

      • If we had ever found the crazy ass rabbit from our front yard in our car – we would’ve just handed the title over to her. She was of the FAFO variety of wild rabbit.

    • How about both?  I don’t think Duke is going too far.  Took awhile for the Zags to get going but what an awesome day of basketball!  I watched that whole St. Mary’s game too and that cheerleader was the star!

  2. @MegMegMcGee…my neck is in full spasm. I have a Dr. appointment today…” Hope you feel better, and do see if you can serious drugs, eh? I promise if not for your neck you will need them for your weekend plumbing work. (Blacksmith rule of home repair: any job takes 3x as long and costs 4x as much as anticipated if doing it one’s self. Call a professional early and often.)

    • Cosign that rule. For the most part. I can often do things cheaper, but it ALWAYS takes far, far longer than I thought. Every. single. time.

      I will point out that the “cheaper” part is HIGHLY dependent on having the right tools. I’ve amassed a lot over the years (old houses suck), so I’m not running out to buy a hammer drill, for example. But if you don’t have a significant DIY inventory, you’re gonna pay for tools. And if you don’t use them more than once to amortize the cost over various tasks, you might as well call somebody.

      • I only need look to the left to see a 4-foot, spontaneously appearing, raised out by over a 1/4 inch, crack in the wall of my office (like a house stigmata). Singing the old house blues (95 yrs) right there with ya.

        • Mine is only 40 but it’s ancient in Florida years. We invested a ton when we first moved in to get it structurally sound. I no longer have fucks to give. I’ll fix stuff that must be fixed (functional issues), and we did get it painted last year, but I’m not interested in cosmetics anymore. Soon as the kid gets through college, we sell and move.

          As houses get sold in this neighborhood, flippers buy them, gut them, and completely remodel them, so any money spent on cosmetics is wasted.

          • Heard a story on NPR the other day about all of the Millenials who couldn’t bring themselves to wait to buy a house until the prices crashed again, so they spent tens of thousands above asking in bidding wars, waived all the inspections and other contingencies, and now have buyer’s remorse because all the shit is breaking in their overpriced, uninspected homes.  What the fuck did you expect, dipshits?

        • I normally agree with you on the ‘call a pro’ but guess how much the plumber wanted to install a new toilet?


          On top of the $180 he charged me just to come out and look at it.

          So I ordered one from Home Depot for $200 and we’ll see how it goes!

    • one of the few perks of renting over here..for the vast majority of home repairs i just call the landlord and politely tell him to send someone over to sort it out…if he doesnt want to i’ll find someone to do it myself and simply send him the bill

      generally means he sends someone over within a couple days as he’s got deals with several contractors that work out much cheaper for him than paying for the contractors i’d get based on whoever can get here first and fuckit im not paying for it

      • It works similarly here. The landlord is responsible for repairs. We bought a really old house when we first got married (built in 1928), sold it after 3 years, then rented for 17 years, before buying this place 18 years ago. There are a LOT of advantages to renting, not the least of which is being able to move pretty readily. If you change jobs and need to move, you might have to break your lease and lose your deposit, but you’re not trapped. Now that I’m working from home it’s not an issue but before, it was really nice to be able to job hunt anywhere.

  3. I’m not caught up on Star Trek Discovery because I’m saving it for the summer TV show drought. I just found out that Stacey Abrams is in the season finale! (Don’t look it up because of spoilers)

    Any Trekkies want to talk about Strange New Worlds? Is it good? Is it the goofy alternative to the prescriptive morality of Discovery (I love Discovery)? Can you believe they casted the dude from Vampire Diaries to be Kirk? Should I be watching Picard?

    …maybe I’ll repost this tomorrow on Brain Drain.

        • @HammerZeitgeist – Let’s just say a certain person is incredibly insecure but tries to cover it by playing everything super cool to the point of severe assholeness. Luckily after some trial and error – we had a decent working relationship but not everyone learned to deal with him – like most of the cast. I think he’s grown up a little bit more now and he is incredibly smart – especially as far as investing and making money with real estate. I did another show with him and he was easy peasy for me because he knew me – not so much the others on the show.

          • I have a friend whose wife does accounting for movies (think handing out paychecks, expense checks, and so on), and it’s funny — they will. not. discuss “stars” if they are … uh … less than pleasant to work with. So I’d ask, “How was X to work with?” and I’d either get “Oh, he was just wonderful” or “…” I very quickly learned that “…” meant that X was a consummate asshole. She wouldn’t go on the record, even with me, because she was always looking for the next job and even a hint of gossip could wreck that.

            It’s basically “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

            • @BryanLSplinter

              I will dish the dirt because I believe in outing the badly behaved – but I still try to keep it from being too easy to trace back to me. I am by no means “famous” but I have worked with some very big names and my job involves working one on one with actors – so I have to appear to be professional. We also have to sign NDA’s for every job – even before they’ll send you a script for an interview – so there’s always a possibility of getting sued.

              • Yeah, her situation is compounded by the fact that she literally knows what they’re getting paid, which she will not discuss at all. Plus, I never asked. But she assures me that Denzel Washington is a very nice man.

        • @HammerZeitgeist

          I think I’ve told this story before but when I first started on Vampire Diaries – He came in for my first fitting with him and I had a huge rack of clothes. The producers had wanted to give everyone a bit of an upgrade so I had a lot of bigger name brands – not super high end more Bloomingdales than Saks or Neimans so brands like Theory, Vince, Rag and Bone and Allsaints as opposed to Armani and Gucci. Anyway – he did this very dramatic going through labels performance art and then turned to me and said ” Don’t you have any good Italian designers like Varvatos, Boss or Mossimo?” I had to stop myself from laughing at him as I replied “Varvatos is Greek, Boss is German and Mossimo is from Target.” After that, every time I dealt with him – if he got a little uppity I just referred to this and he would shut up.

          Also, the TVD cast were much more professional than the OTH kids. The producers ran a tighter ship.

    • Picard is very much worth it. I’m not waiting on Discovery — I’m watching them as fast as I can now. I finally pulled the trigger and subscribed to Paramount+ last week. I’d been … uh … acquiring the seasons through alternate means, and decided I needed to pay.

  4. Seems BDE aka Pete Davidson aka Kanye’s worst nightmare isn’t going to ride Bezo’s cock rocket after all.

    Perhaps he realized that he didn’t want to go on a one way trip?

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