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Capitol attack panel closes in on Trump inner circle with three new subpoenas

I mean, he’s not wrong…

Fauci Caught On Hot Mic After Heated Exchange With Republican Senator

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, was caught on tape muttering “what a moron” after a Republican senator demanded that he provide members of Congress with a financial disclosure that is already publicly available.

Are you guys seeing this? I haven’t noticed and I went to Trader Joe’s the day before a snow storm.

Empty grocery shelves return as sick employees, supply chain delays collide


U.S. sets fresh records for Covid hospitalizations and cases with 1.5 million new infections



Stock futures are flat after S&P 500 snaps a 5-day slide


Novak Djokovic can remain in Australia, court rules


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  1. Yuk, in a lot of ways, Cheney and Biden are the worst of the worst, that would be horrible. Yes, they are anti Trump, but that is about it.

    • …it’s bizarre…on the one hand he claims the idea is drawn from a parallel whereby the trajectory of politics in israel is the “off-broadway” prequel to what goes on in the states…then skips past the part he calls “an utterly wild period” with four elections in the space of two years in a way that seems to discount the possibility that if he has a point the US is due more than one election that would fail to produce a government

      …mcconnell’s antics in the senate might arguably make for there being a case it’s one or more terms into exactly that but that seems like it undersells the extremity of the problem that led to that electoral schedule in israel’s case

      …then he offers a series of D+R tickets…biden/cheney, biden/murkowski, harris/romney, abrams/cheney & klobuchar/cheney…which is a complete mess

      …what republican voter is going to rally round to put mitt in a VP slot under kamala…or vote for a two-woman ticket with the GOP in the backseat…or make stacey abrams the first woman president…it reads like he doesn’t even take his own suggestion seriously beyond being an excuse to suggest that the underlying reality of US politics is that where israel goes america inevitably follows?

      • Does Thomas Friedman’s Mustache bring up the fact that Israel has proportional representation, and we most certainly do not? Or the fact that no Israeli government has ever cleared the 61-seat threshold to form a government (the Knesset has 120 seats) so every single government that Israel has ever had has been some form of coalition?

        I suppose since we’re a huge country with only two real parties you could argue that every election is fought between two coalitions. Right now we do have kind of a coalition government, featuring a broad array of characters from the Squad on the left in the House all the way over to the Manchin/Sinema wing in the Senate on the right. I’ve often wondered why no party has formed organically along the lines of “socially liberal/fiscally conservative”, which a huge number of American claim to be, all evidence to the contrary.

        • Because the two major parties hate competition more than they hate each other.

    • What it represents is the dominant ideology in the Times — aimed a large swath of establishment DC — that government under Democrats is worse than even radical Republicans. And what they mean, but won’t say, is that includes Trump.

      I checked recently to see if the Times had ever reported on that freakishly disturbing joint letter that appeared in the Washington Post three days before 1/6 signed by every former Defense secretary — Democrats and Republicans, including both of Trump’s officially confirmed secretaries —  warning of the danger of Trump using the military to turn the election for him, calling it “dangerous, unlawful and unconstitutional.”

      They never did.

      That was not simply leaving it out the next day, in usual Times fashion of minimizing what other outlets publish. They never followed up, even when 1/6 made it even more relevant.

      And as the first linked article makes clear, the case is building for official White House involvement, but the Times DC reporters are continuing to carry water for the GOP in portraying 1/6 as an out of control mob which was only connected to fringe actors and an overly emotional Trump — not a White House with coup planning involving the military advanced far enough to prompt every former DOD sectretary to put their names on the line to call it out.

      Meanwhile the propaganda role of Friedman, Douthat, Brooks and other hacks at the Times is to plead the case that the Democrats are also just as bad of a fringe as the 1/6 mob (which of course had no serious ties to the GOP per the Times) and the only sensible solution is making sure the Dems never win. Because, um, diners in Ohio?

    • Even if someone likes Biden enough to want a second term, he’s fucking old.

      Sure, he’s a spry old dude and sure Jimmy Carter certainly is a great example of how to age gracefully, but I honestly think he’s too old to be president now.

    • Pfft. We kick Kentucky’s ass in infections. Some estimates in Florida range as high as 70% infected based on wastewater testing. My county has an official infection rate of 43%. We are the third-highest county in the state. Anecdotal reports from teacher friends on Facebook suggest (with evidence) that school systems are simply not reporting cases of children who are out and tell their teachers they have omicron. The information is relayed to administration but doesn’t make it into any documented format. Fortunately deaths are extremely low, because omicron just plain isn’t as lethal, particularly in younger people, and the vast majority of the elderly got vaccinated because while they may be stupid they aren’t crazy and remember shit like polio and scarlet fever.

      At this point the official policy per Gov. Superspreader is simply ride it out. “Florida is the freest state,” he proclaims.


      Yes, I’m reasonably certain I’ve had omicron at this point despite full vaccination. I had a stuffy nose and aches and pains for a few days. I simply saw no point in standing in 4-hour testing lines to verify it. I don’t think my wife or daughter got it, but that runs pretty close to the 43% local infection rate.

      • The rapid tests are giving a lot of false negatives too. And a lot of people can’t afford to take days off to wait on results from the PCR test. This is nuts!

    • NYC is at 30% and the real total must be much higher. That percentage only includes people who get tested in some public way. I’m sure many, many people have tested at home, gotten a positive result, and said to themselves, “Well, let’s just keep this our little secret because I feel fine and there’s no way I’m missing…”

      • I have no doubt that the numbers in every state are much much higher than what is being reported.  States with anti-vax leaders like Florida are probably under reporting by huge margins.

        • I guarantee it’s being under-reported in Florida.

        • I can’t even find Missouri’s active infections. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Dept of Health and Senior Services isn’t even tracking it.

      • It’s actually become official here. Medical personnel who are asymptomatic but test positive are being asked to come to work. So if the hospital is an omicron hotbed, imagine what the schools must be like.

  2. So the plan is to let Omicron burn through the country? On top of everything else, shouldn’t we also be concerned with the virus mutating? Or is omicron so effective that no mutations will get ahead?

    • …it would certainly seem that way in a few places…another one being the UK where boris et al seem keen to relax restrictions if at all possible & definitely not to add more come hell or high water…because functionally the tories seem to have a contingent that take after the de santis model of “freedom” for the population as shorthand for “what the economy demands”

      …but since a good deal of that is based on “following the science” of data that is increasingly blind to the full picture of how transmission of the virus impacts the workforce it definitely looks like it means the “plan” is to close their eyes to that side of things & claim as loudly as possible that everything’s fine

      …currently omicron does seem to out-compete delta which pushes down the fatality rate…but it’s much more readily transmissible so it seems probable that it won’t be having a similar effect on the hospitalisation rates…& telling people to keep getting out there while infectious is baked into shortening the timeframe for isolation requirements…which you’d think wouldn’t have the effect they want of keeping a greater proportion of the workforce available overall…but that’s their story & they’re sticking to it?

      …so…at least as far as I can figure…the unfortunate answer looks like yes, that does seem to increase the likelihood of further variations percolating out of the mix…though there’s a decent chance the worrying sort is more likely to come from either immunocompromised cases that give it more scope to mutate while they spend longer fighting it off or from less vaccinated bits of the globe

      …none of which seems like a recipe that matches up well with a goal of rendering the thing more manageable overall in a shorter timeframe…so I don’t think I entirely get what you might call the rationale behind it…so it’s possible that my mistake is looking for one of those to begin with?

  3. That Biden-Cheney story is the stupidest thing I have seen from that idiot in a long time and that is saying something.  Has anyone else noticed that even though our 2 savior republicans are against Trump causing an insurrection but are fine with his minions slow motion coup fucking up elections?

    This KKKaren is going to get people killed!


    and I never thought my anti-vaxxer of the day would be Barbie!


    • …yeah…it’s entirely possible that stuff might make an appearance in tomorrow’s DOT…but I’ll try not to go overboard?

        • …ah, yes…ms. patel…she’s certainly a piece of work, isn’t she?

  4. rest in peace magawa

    • Brave lil’ guy. 😢

  5. There is no mystery as to why Rand Paul’s neighbor nearly beat him to death.

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