Over the Hump [DOT 18/8/21]

Happy Wednesday! I hope your week is going alright so far. Mine is going pretty quickly and tomorrow is my Friday, yay!

A speedy trip over the hump to you…

The latest on Afghanistan

Withdrawal from Afghanistan forces allies and adversaries to reconsider America’s global role

If only there was a way to avoid this…

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who has sought to ban mask mandates in schools, tests positive for the coronavirus

Texas governor Abbott, who fought mask mandates, tests positive for Covid


Dow futures fall slightly after 30-stock average snaps 5-day winning streak


Jacksonville Jaguars cut Tim Tebow, ending his NFL return after one preseason game

This is fascinating.

If you click through and read the replies to this tweet, I PROMISE you that you will not be sorry.

I scroll Twitter so you don’t have to.

This is so sweet.

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  1. Good for Alan Alda and his wife. Never let good food and good rum go to waste. I just googled. Alda is 85. I never realized he was from the Bronx.

    Here in New York we have a never proof of vaccination regimen. You need to show vax proof to eat inside, go to a gym, go to the movies, etc. I was wondering how strictly this was being enforced, and Better Half informed me that his gym did it to him, but they recorded him as being one of the vaxxed so he won’t need to show his proof again.

    Getting into the spirit of things I asked him to take a photo of my own vax proof since I’ve never taken a good picture with this phone. He did, saw the results, and said, “God you have a shitty phone. How old is this thing?”

    “Quite old, and you bought it for me, so BLAME YOUR OWN BAD DECISION FOR THIS.”

    So, independent confirmation that FYCE photos, should I even be able to take them discreetly, would be useless, but on the brighter side I may be getting a spanking new iPhone for Christmas. I wish I had thought to do this a month ago. We recently celebrated our anniversary and that would have been the time to discover my need for a spanking new iPhone.

  2. Um, that never proof of vax should have read “new.” I turned off spellcheck so I must have slipped into a fugue state when I was typing. I believe we are the first in the nation to do this, although I might have read that SF does it too.

    I read recently, like within the last couple of days, that 1/4 of NYC health care providers are not vaccinated. This astonishes me. It’s like being shot into space and refusing to wear a helmet or whatever that thing on the head is that provides oxygen. Among doctors the rate is something like 96% (why not 100 I don’t know but some doctors are very, very old so maybe something else precludes them from getting it, or they’ve already had Covid so they feel like it’s unnecessary.) 

  3. I don’t think Abbott actually has covid – I think he’s just trying to sell that Regeneron drug and the monoclonal antibodies. He and Desantis seem to be using the same talking points memo right now. 
    And, now I’ll take off my tin foil hat. 

    • I know Abbott is a complete fucking shitstain, but he’s supposedly vaccinated, showing no symptoms, positive for covid, and taking the super fancy drugs for covid.

      All of those things don’t belong together. Except he’s such a coward that I can see him being like OMG GIMME ALL THE COVID DRUGS FUCK THE CONSTITUENTS WHO ALSO NEED MEDICAL CARE

    • At this point the Tebow brand is all about showing that you can get things you don’t deserve and haven’t earned, and there is no need to apologize for the privilege.

      • I saw some ex-players talking on ESPN reviewing him attempting a block say “that is somebody that doesn’t want to block”.  The only reason he is there is because his ex-coach is the coach and white privilege.  Not a good way to build morale with a young team that has been so bad for so long. 

    • Well you need to have a reputation for being super duper into Jesus and have missionary parents who were told they had to abort him during a dangerous pregnancy and instead prayed and prayed and prayed and then thank you baby Jesus everything was okay because abortion is murder.

      Oh, and be white. 

  4. I have stopped watching the news, even MSNBC is all Biden blame all the time now.  So, Bush/Cheney are off the hook because…old news?  Trump negotiated exit plan w/ Taliban and even invited them to Camp David, forced Pakistan to release the now president of Afghanistan but it is Biden’s fault?   Biden has some blame in botching the exit but 70% of American’s want us out.  So now Fox News & rightwing media have the ammunition they need & it will be a nice combo of Biden fucked up the war, left them to die and brown people are coming to replace us for any refugees we do take in! 
    Warning, this link will piss you off but these guys do it so you don’t have to!

  5. the anti vaxxers at my work are losing their minds….its pretty funny to watch
    something about a discrimination passport…which i think is the required proof of vaxination to go clubbing and shit by summers end (never mind that theres a caveat says or a negative test less than 24 hours old)
    apparently its violating their human rights…

  6. I woke up (on the later side) to a Guardian alert that comedian Sean Lock has died. It’s quietly saddening news, as I loved 15 Storeys High, his stand-up, and his many hilarious panel show appearances. 
    I often think about this rant, and perhaps it’s the one time I can stand James Corden. 

    And the end credits of this is some classic Noughties telly (22:40): 


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