It sure is something…

I can assure you though – despite any appearances to the contrary – there’s nothing untoward involved in my (entirely justifiably) fulsome admiration for the ever-indefatigable Rooo…which I’m sure is

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It Finally Happened

They’ve anonymized the rebellious kinja sites. Here’s a discord to keep in the loop: https://discord.gg/e4NnPQ4 Find a way to back up anything you really want. Everyone has the ability to

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The Sweater

First … introductions. My name is Chuck Miller, and I’ve posted on the various Deadspin / Splinter / io9 pages under the name “Chuck the Writer.” It’s nice to meet


We Want You!

[The date stamp for this post has been updated 1/11/19] We are not yet fully operational so we might not be able to get to everyone right away (as much