Palate Cleanser

Jesus, I am bitter today. Time for some dogs!

Let them out of the box so I can lie down and die in ecstasy.
Teaching my dog to catch Frisbees. She has a long way to go, but she’s got ambition.
Who wants to play? Do you want to play!?
Rawr, rawr.
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When you can walk its length, and leave no trace, you will have learned.


  1. My pup, napping.


      My dog sleeps like that too, with the legs all straight. If she wakes up and sees you in the room, she’ll roll onto her back with the front legs stretched out in your direction, and the tail flapping on the carpet, just begging for some lovins.

      • She’s a decent size girl, 75 lbs, but when she curls herself up like that she looks so tiny. And all legs.

    • Adorable!!!

      • Thanks, she’s my big sweetie!

  2. There is never a bad time for some dogs. One of these days, when I can get comments to show photos (we know you’re working hard, myopicprophet!), and one or both of my dogs sit still, I will contribute.

    These are very good dogs.

    • I can only post images from my phone where it lets me choose the image size.

    • This is how I managed it. Open with microsoft photo, click on see more, resize, click on best for thumbnails, rename and save.

  3. Heaps of puppy kisses upon you for doing this! You have no idea how badly I needed adorable dogs today, and that Australian shepherd mid-frisbee-leap is glorious!

    I want to cuddle and love on those puppies…

    • Have you seen myo’s dog on Fur Face Friday? The cutest! Maybe if we all demand it he’ll post.

      • No, I haven’t! Must see…

  4. Dogs?
    Bruce on left, Bill on right

    • Oh! Adorable squared!

    • So cute!

  5. Here are Emma and Violet with the afore mentioned Bruce and Bill, wearing their Halloween collars. Why yes, we have four dogs . . .

    • That’s almost enough dogs, almost. They’re cuties.

    • OH! They are *so cute*! (I wanted to do that whole sentence in caps but I didn’t want it to seem like I was yelling at you, and not the cute – you know, internet)

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