Perfect Weather! [NOT 5/4/21]

woman reading book with text in image saying so much to do, so little desire to do it

Hi, friends! Oh we have had perfect weather yesterday and today. It was so hard to work with the windows open and the breeze and the sunlight and the birds singing.

How’s it going where you are at?



  1. Windy as a motherfucker.  If it wasn’t for all the wind, the weather would have been just right.

    Over the weekend, Butcher Dog (who is a four-legged wrecking ball) full-on slammed herself into a barricade that we’d put up to keep her in a contained part of the back yard.  This barricade has held up against 50 mph winds no problem.  However, it could not sustain the punishment of Hurricane Butcher Dog.  She is, truly, a force of nature.

  2. Worked in the sun all day, still jet lagging, having a beer waiting for Zags game to start.  Greenhouse gets power tomorrow morning, just in time!

  3. We were puttering around in the yard…the boys were barking, I closed them inside…and locked us out of the house. The neighbors who we thought had our key, nope, they did not. But they did have a very tall ladder. It was used to reach the one unlocked second story window. Keitel pulled a spiderman and saved the day. Why yes, a duplicate key that will live outside is on this week’s list. Keitel was pleased he could climb in the window and didn’t fall, but wants me to add that he has zero future as a cat burglar. 

    • Mrs. Butcher has a bad habit of locking herself out of the house–mostly because she can’t stop herself from obsessively locking doors even when we’re both home during the day.  When I was still commuting to work 2 hours away, she would have to wait until I got home–which meant peeing in a bucket.

    • At the age of two ish, I nearly froze my mom to death by locking her out on the patio of the apartment we were living in at the time.  I closed the door on her in the winter.
      Apparently, I giggled and smiled as she frantically tried to get me to open the door (not sure if it was because I was a terror/the Omen or because I thought it was funny.)  She was lucky that my dad arrived home a half hour later or I would have had an iceblock for a mom.

    • I used to get a spare key and hide it in something that looked like trash where it was unlikely to get disturbed, bury it in a flower pot, put it in a mudball, etc.
      I moved into my current place, and kept meaning to find a better method and do something similar, but never quite got around to it, and it’s over a decade now, and I probably just won’t…

  4. I spent much of today reading for a financial course and spent a few hours to finish a presentation for another (work related) course yesterday and today. 
    I’m trying not to spread myself thin though which has been the problem in the past where I end up overloading myself and then nothing gets done.
    Even worked out for the first time in 3 weeks (LAZY) but now I’ve got to get ready for work tonight (nightshift.)

  5. I thiiiiink i might’ve just won the bracket among the employees at our school😁
    If I did, we’re getting treats on Weds, because I feel like that’s only fair, since everyone who played pitched in a little cash😉
    If I only took second, I’ll do treats for our room instead😊

    • Oh yeah, and the weather here has been gorgeous the last couple days… thunderstorms tonight, though–possibly dangerous ones, because we *did* get so warm, so quickly🙃
      I’ll be sleeping with the lights on, in the hopes that Lil doesn’t freak out from the storms😕

  6. When I came home from taking the kids to the park, there was a giant Zappos box on our porch. My husband ordered me 8 pairs of running shoes/fashionable sneakers to try on and pick my favorite(s)! After wearing the same pair of running shoes every single day for years including the weight fluctuations of two pregnancies, I’ve been overdue for a replacement. But I’ve been too busy and too tired to scroll through the hundreds of pairs online. This was the most thoughtful gift I’ve ever received. On top of that, he has great taste/knows my shoe style preferences!
    I do feel bad about the carbon footprint of ordering a bunch of shoes with the intent of returning most of them. But hey, we haven’t left our neighborhood in over a year… that makes us borderline carbon neutral right?

  7. Yeah, today I was sort of ruing the fact that I have to work with my windows and curtains shut – even more so when I drove near the park on my way to get something to eat before my shift started at noon. (I was glad to get out, but I made it back and signed in pretty much by the skin o’ my teeth – at 12:00:59.

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