Pet Peeves [NOT 23/12/20]

Frazzled Barbie with words "me every day in work: god I want to fucking murder you"
"me every day in work: god I want to fucking murder you"

Hi friends!

What are some of your pet peeves? Have they even come back to bite you in the ass?

One of the things I’m most annoyed with is when I tell people a timeline and they ignore it and pester me anyways. For example, I had 4 people ask me the same question today despite me already sending a communication about it.

So, anyways.

Rewind back to this past summer. I got a grant to redo some landscaping to help with water runoff to a nearby creek. Submitted all my receipts and final paperwork in mid September. Paperwork said can take up to 12 weeks to get reimbursed.

So I waited.

And I waited.

And I kept waiting.

Still waited. Maybe they were having delays because of covid reasons, etc. Who knows.

Finally, a few days after 12 weeks, I send an email.

Turns out they missed my submission back in September and whoopsiedoo never processed anything I sent. Now they’re updating and I should get my reimbursement soon. HUZZAH!!!



  1. My pet peeve involves loading the dishwasher correctly & rinsing dishes.  We have a double drawer dishwasher that doesn’t have a disposal so you need to rinse dishes first or it doesn’t get them clean.  You also can’t load shit where it blocks everything else from getting clean!  

  2. Oh I am in the bitch and moan lane today. Aside from my normal peeves (be on time, respect the time/due dates of others and be accountable for your actions), I spent 6 emails yesterday and today explaining politely to a woman the company I work for does business with why she could not plagiarize our branded marketing. I finally gave up and wrote something for her. Did I mention that I was off today? And I will not even start on today’s family issues. Thank you for asking!

    • I will. When people don’t face up to the consequences of their decisions. Everyone else has to clean up after them and they can act like a fucking Eeyore because bad things happen. Or in special cases a martyr. I spent three hours driving around running errands two days before Christmas. I got lost twice driving in a county I grew up in. No one knows what a green light means and don’t get me started on the people that block traffic because they don’t want to wait for the next light. And the next son of a bitch that crosses the street when it flashes DO NOT CROSS is getting run the fuck over. And all of this because some one doesn’t have common sense. Disclaimer: this is NOT about Ellie,  she knows better. Second Disclaimer: I am not an angry driver. I maintain a safe distance because I trust no one.

  3.  Pet peeves, how much time do you have?

    People who don’t pick up their dog’s shit! I live in town, there are garbage cans available everywhere. And the parks where we walk have poop bags for free. And still assholes don’t clean up after their  dogs. 

    People who don’t move out of the way when you say excuse me. You heard me lady, you turned your head, looked at me, and still didn’t move! Then got pissy when I told you I needed to get past you.

    People. That’s my pet peeve, people.


    • Nice!  Literal PET peeve.  You win the night.  I’ll throw in people that have “outdoor” cats here.  If you don’t like your cat, I get it, get rid of it but not by feeding the coyotes & raptors.  That’s just fucking cruel.

      • OMG, seriously! Poor kitties. So many people treat cats like second class pets. They don’t chip them, get them veterinary care, and leave them outside to become prey.

      • Now wait a minute.  There’s a cat, Piper, who lives in the barn on our farm.  I’m told he walked up one day ten years ago and just made it his home.  He’s outside all day wandering about with the sheep and donkeys and god knows what he does at night.    I know he’s fat and happy and very friendly and you never see a mouse or rat anywhere (although the occasional black snake also does their bit in that regard).  The same vet that comes to the farm to check on the big animals also looks in on Piper and gives him vaccinations as necessary.  The giant sheepdog (who also lives mostly outdoors), who would gladly fight a bear, is terrified of Piper.  We don’t have coyotes or raptors here because the sheepdog and donkeys keep them away.  I agree that in most cases people should probably not have outdoor cats, but I can understand it in certain circumstances.

        • That’s different & I get farm cat but I’m talking about neighbors that I see their cat sitting at the front door for hours wanting in.  Little bastard is tough, even took a baby bunny out of our yard but he definitely is not outside by choice.

          • …there was a show someone told me about a while back in the UK where they GPS tracked a neighborhood’s worth of cats for a couple of weeks to see how far some of them roamed that had a few surprises since some were ranging for miles on the daily…one in particular though was when they asked owners to bring anything their cat had killed recently for a sort of sample

            …they laid out a table & people were putting dead mice & whatever on it until this one family slaps down a dead fox…they asked if it was a surprise & the answer was “not really – it’s more like two or three a month”…& then they showed the cat & it was just a regular-size tabby…not a maine coon or anything

            …not saying they can take on a coyote or anything…but some cats punch entirely above their weight

      • I’ve always wondered about this! My theory is that Person A never picks up after their dog. Person B gets understandably frustrated and decides to bag it. Instead of throwing it out, they leave it there so that Person A, who generally follows the same route on their walks, gets to walk by their dog’s shit all wrapped up every day until they throw it out.  It’s a shitty plan (pun intended) because it hinges on Person A giving a fuck which they obviously don’t. It also means the rain won’t wash away the shit (which also depends on where you live and what season it is).
        What are your thoughts? I’m really invested in knowing what Person B’s objective is…maybe they set out to clean up the shit. But as they sealed the bag they straightened up and wondered “WTF am I doing cleaning up someone else’s dog shit!?” Who knows? Do you?

        • My wife used to take our dog on long walks & he would always take multiple shits early in the  walk.  Rather than carry multiple bags of shit for miles, she would stash them & pick them up on return.  I know that is not probably usually the case but if u want to have faith in humanity…

    • Four, maybe five years back, I was on a bus, it got kinda crowded.  My stop was coming up, so I tried to maneuver towards the doors.  Some guy with a backpack (full disclosure: I almost always have a messenger bag or backpack, but if I can’t keep it out of the way (empty messenger bag swung around to my front, etc.), I’ll take it off and stash it upright twixt my feet or similar) was blocking the aisle.  I said “excuse me” twice, louder the second time, and then tried tapping his upper arm/shoulder, to no response (no visible headphones/earbuds).  So, fuck this, I’m not going to miss my stop, so I just push through – not even pushing him directly, just moving through where his backpack was occupying.  Got a “You could say “Excuse Me” ” response, so I turned and looked at him, and said “I did.  Twice.”  Normally I don’t engage people I don’t directly know, but I was pretty irritated, and that last bit of “Hey- fuck you for not doing this thing you actually did, but shouldn’t even had to do to begin with” kinda got my hackles up.
      So, that was overly specific…  In general, I guess people who know absolutely nothing on a subject, but ask me advice about it because they know I know a little bit (maybe knives (no, that’s a shit knife, made by a shit company, who are spending a lot on marketing lately.  consider X, Y, or Z, all of which are in similar price ranges, but by much more reputable companies, and are better designed/have better materials/whatever), maybe aquaria(don’t get a 10 gallon, once you consider a filter, lights, stand heater, etc., they aren’t that much cheaper, and you can’t keep much in them), maybe excel(MATCH(OFFSET) is way better than VLOOKUP…), maybe backpacking (you really should have a sleeping pad…), maybe something else.
      And of course, said person completely ignores whatever advice I give, because it doesn’t align with whatever they read on the internet or whatever.  Why fucking ask me if you already have your mind made up?  And way too often, said person comes back later on, not to admit they should have considered my initial advice, but to complain about how ignoring my advice didn’t work out, and what advice do I have to help make their bad choice less bad, without actually considering anything I said previously.

        • I was involved in trying to make some spreadsheets that a group of people used, and they liked to just add and delete columns, and always wondered why their data got borked.  OFFSET(MATCH) helped, since I could use a separate MATCH for both column and row selection, and the size of the table didn’t really matter.  I’d set the column selection MATCH to the column header/title, and that way it would work even if they jiggled the columns around.  Oh, I think you also need a -1 in there, or you get one column/row beyond the one you are looking for…

    • We had an asshole neighbor who used to let their dog shit on our immediate neighbor’s lawns.  It nearly started a war as they blamed us and our dog (we never even let her sniff their lawn for that reason.)
      One day I was coming back from a run when I caught this asshole letting her dog shit on the neighbor’s lawn.  I yelled at her and called her every damn name in the book.  She tried to act offended, but I never gave her a damn as I blasted her at Drill Sgt level volume.  She left the dog shit there and went back to her house.  I continued to glare at her as she came back with a plastic bag.
      Once she was IDed, that family was forever known as the dogshit people (my parents have big mouths when they are feeling vengeful) and cleared my family and dog’s good name.

  4. The woman above me has some weird laundry fetish. When I first moved to here she would so laundry for hours, several days in a row, and until 1 or 2am. This wouldn’t bother me expect her machine is in her utility room, which is directly above mine just off my bedroom. And it sounds like Wily E Coyote jackhammering thru the floor. Even after we had a conversation about the noise and about how I get up at 5am for work, so that late night shit can’t happen, she still seems to hold it all until 6pm Sunday. Lady, you work from home just like I do. Do a load a day. Stop “forgetting” that you said you wouldn’t do laundry past 9pm. 

    • Yeah, I don’t get that…
      I sometimes really need to do a load of laundry, but when I do, it’s a single load – just enough socks/boxers/tshirts/whatever to get me through the next day.  And usually a single load of laundry can fit enough of whatever essentials for at least two days.
      I’ve been running through a good bit of clothes lately, what with having home clothes, work clothes, and commute clothes, and all, but even so, I try to throw a load of laundry in when I get home from my bike commute, so it runs while I shower and go get takeout.  Granted, there are all kinds of reasons that gets delayed/backedup/ignored, but I think if everything is running well, even with my multiple daily showerings and changings, 3-4 per week seems to keep me ahead of things.

  5. People who cannot just answer a question. I’m fine if they don’t know, or if the answer is complcated, but just say so up front.
    Me: What time are you showing up?
    Them: Well, I’ve got a lot of work to do but I know you have a schedule too so I’m trying to find out if this guy who is supposed to come here is on time. He has a store that he’s trying to close early but he isn’t sure whether there are any late customers due to the weather. There’s a chance it might snow but maybe just flurries…
    (Ten minutes later) Me: So you don’t know yet?
    Them: Oh, actually no matter what I’ll be there by 5:00.
    Me: Great, thanks, thanks a lot.

    • I wonder if part of this is how so much of society values certainty and confidence over actual ability and accuracy. 
      I feel like a lot of people are really reluctant to admit they don’t know something.  Personally, I think that’s a bunch of bullshit, confidence is vastly over rated, and I’d rather know what I’m working with.  I can appreciate and work with an honest “I don’t know” or similar. 

      • See also:
        ADHD-haver, who unintentionally & simultaneously runs every disaster scenario contingency through her own head, when asked for things like timelines….
        It’s not because I’m TRYING to be an asshole…. it’s just that I tend to see MOST of the ways something can/will/may go wrong, because I was raised by folks who were engineers/worked with them…
        And who KNEW there were always going to be possibilities of unexpected gremlins in the system…

  6. …to pile onto the “people suck” thing…people who do shit that broadcasts that they entirely fail to consider anyone other than themselves…particularly the ones that clearly know they’re being assholes because they get disproportionately faux-offended when called on it

    …I have examples but there are too damn many of them to list…& I’d be bound to miss a bunch even if I type all night

    …solipsism is not attractive…& it’s not clever, either…sincerely, those people can take a long walk off a short cliff as far as I’m concerned

    …also (& somewhat more specifically) people who parasitically target vulnerable folks to scam what little money they have are scum to begin with…but the ones that do it in the days before christmas in a pandemic when those folks are extra vulnerable…those assholes make a strong case for capital punishment

  7. My pet peeve 1 is dickhead drivers who cut you off changing lanes to get out of the way of a slow driver and then just go the same fucking speed as the motherfucker they didn’t want to drive behind.  I feel these shitheads only do it to piss me off (it works.)
    Also, assholes who deliberately leave large gaps in front and clog the fucking lane leaving you with little room to get around them.
    I got little satisfaction today driving.  The only satisfying feeling was cutting off Mr Large Front Gap as I finally got around him and zoomed past him.

  8. Along the same lines as dog shit, people who try to get around bag limits by dumping their garbage bags with mine.  Sometimes, my neighbors exceed their limits and ask me if I will take their garbage (usually I say yes.) 
    However, if you just drop it rando style then don’t leave bills or addresses in the garbage bag as I will go through the mystery bag to find out who dropped it on my lawn.  I was so pissed I took the mangled bag and went to the address on the gas bill several blocks away and dumped/spread the entire stinky contents on their door stoop.
    Never got a mystery garbage bag again.

    • I love that you did that! I had a neighbor ask if they could use our yard waste can once. The garbage collectors spilled some of it in front of the house the way they do. And the neighbor drove past his mess every damn day without cleaning it up. I finally swept it up myself.

  9. i hate being stuck behind old people who insist on paying with exact change….slowly counting it out coin by coin…usually out loud…sometimes losing count coz they are also chatting to the cashier…slowly
    oh and the assholes buying scratch cards…then scratching them off on the counter and using whatever winnings they get to buy more and repeating that till they get bored or run out of money
    really…anything slowing me down in a supermarket is a pet peeve of mine and will likely one day end with me making the evening news

  10. Mine are mostly work-relatedright now…
    And because my ranty-stuff was FAR too long, and much too detailed…
    Let’s just say;
    1.THE MASK GOES OVER ONE’S NOSE, and be GLAD i carry packing tape & not a stapler all shift…
    2. DO NOT yell-speak commands *at me* while doing #1, approximately 2 feet from my face…
    And 3. DON’T LIE, because I will find out, and then, 9nce I finally determine whether it’s Dunning-Krugerism, *or* that you are trying to CYA, and buffalo your management, I will be eventually letting them know…
    won’t ever ACTIVELY seek out lies/liars… but somehow I am apparently a human lie-detector, and run across lies…. 
    And that is DEFINITELY happening regarding the grocery backroom, at the new store…
    Can’t tell, quite yet, *why*/which option it is yet–stupidity or maliciousness…. but someone IS lying–outrightly *or* inadvertently…. and it NEEDS to stop, or we’re gonna have problems with OSHA/the fire marshall…
    Looking at the situation through the eyes of a firefighter (how you DO, when you were raised around a volunteer force), it’s death-trap levels.🙃

      • duct tape fixes everything!
        but goddamn do i hate those stupid fucking shields
        exactly what do you think you are preventing here?
        oh wait…i know…. its probably there so 5g doesnt give you the fucking rona..
        fuck me
        its a miracle i havent strangled anyone yet

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