Petal Droppings: Dahlias

Pretty Flowers to Brighten Your Day!

My wife used to think that Dahlias were hard to grow, then my master gardener buddy told her they are super easy. We have now been growing them for two years and they quickly became my favorite flower to photograph. This year she started a new raised bed for them and didn’t quite plant them correctly. The seeds were actually separated by height but she didn’t pay attention so now we have little ones in the middle of towering ones instead of uniformed layers. I’m a chaotic person so it doesn’t bother me too much except the pretty red ones are now being hidden by these towering purple ones.

This one is my current favorite, the mix of colors are glorious in the early morning light
The way the flower opens is really fun to watch over a few days
The purple ones have been the most prolific
The red ones are the newbies to the party and hiding in the taller yellow and purples
This one just sticks out over all the others
I cheated for this one, this was my favorite from last year I shot with my macro lens. I have printed this on metal and has become a favorite gift to give.

Hope you enjoyed these pretty flowers!



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