Phew, Made It [DOT 3/2/23]

This week was looong. And next week promises more BS, particularly at my job. Can’t wait; in the meantime, enjoy your weekend!

Stay warm!

As ice storm continues in the South, parts of the Northeast brace for brutal wind chills not felt in decades


Metro employee killed while trying to stop man shooting at D.C. commuters

Stonks! (PS, if someone offers you 50% returns it’s a scam)

An alleged $500 million Ponzi scheme preyed on Mormons. It ended with FBI gunfire.

Stupid little rodent

Punxsutawney Phil predicts more winter in Groundhog Day celebration

NPS cracks me up

Have a great day!



    • I read an interesting bit arguing that the press swallowed hook, line and sinker the narrative that the fuel for Trump’s takeover of the GOP was “economic anxiety.” Obvious counter evidence was the economy was strong in 2016, unemployment and inflation were low, and Trump voters had higher incomes than Biden voters.

      What got missed was the fact that GOP voters are conditioned to think everything is bad when a Democrat is president. The press narrative got it completely backwards — they weren’t Republicans because they were anxious, they were anxious because they were Republican.

      It was a convenient way for the press to ignore the authoritarianism, racism, and sexism not only in the GOP rank and file, but more importantly in the elites. And now the press is scrambling to manufacture reasons for austerity, and before long they’ll be arguing that a strong economy is grounds in favor of benefits cuts and against raising taxes on the rich.

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