Phonin’ It In [DOT 7/5/22]

I’m traveling today visiting two of my very dear friends in Chicago. In fact, my last ‘pre-covid’ trip was to see them back in February 2020. A lot has changed since then so we are drinking and catching up. And drinking.


A woman bought a sculpture at Goodwill for $34.99. It actually was a missing ancient Roman bust.

Not cool Fred, not cool…

Seriously this fucking guy has an opinion?!

Clarence Thomas says he worries respect for institutions is eroding

She’s deranged.

[insert some puppies or kittens here]

I’m a little all over the place here today since I’m traveling and doing this from my phone. Thanks for filling in the missing bits below in the comments. Have a great weekend!



  1. Today is National Homebrew Day and this year there is even an #istandwithukraine aspect to some of it:

    That news about Fred Savage was unexpected.

    One of NYC’s own was just sentenced for his part in the 1/6 Insurrection. A police vest worn over fur pelts by a guy from a very Orthodox family is a daring fashion choice, even by NYC standards.

    Edit: That last link gets you behind the WaPo paywall but the photo is blurred. Here’s a link with better pictures that gives a little bit more about his background.

    • I started to wonder what the link between fur and MAGA/QAnon/Insurrection/Big Lie supporters is, because so many of them wear it. But I suppose it’s not any more complicated than these incels want to think of themselves as big strong he-men.

      And yeah, I thought Fred Savage was better than that, too. Another child star grown up to be an asshole, apparently.

    • Oh, and could you ask if the Ventra system is still as fucked up now as it was the last time I was there? (Seriously, I registered that card as best as I could, and more than once, but it still wouldn’t validate. The guy at the hotel suggested I just get a receipt printed out and show it like a goddamn doctor’s note every time I wanted to ride the L or the bus.)

  2. 1. Well, Trump- and DeSantis-appointed judges have overturned a lower court ruling and reinstated Jim Crow laws in Florida:

    Appeals court reinstates Florida’s 2021 election law provisions struck down by judge

    2. And yes, the textbook thing is a Republican scam:

    Orlando Sentinel, Sun Sentinel stand by math book story despite education agency’s complaint

    Quote: The article, published Thursday, found that only one reviewer complained about “critical race theory,” according to a review of thousands of pages of evaluation documents. That reviewer evaluated two high school math books. The state had about 70 reviewers evaluating 132 math books.

    3. This is interesting because of the utter sexism behind it — women need a man accompanying them to do things. You’re going to see a LOT more of this.

    Women denied entry at Rachel’s strip club will take case to state Supreme Court — again


    The attorney for two women who were denied entry into an Orlando strip club in 2018 because they weren’t with a man said Friday he plans to take their case to the Florida Supreme Court again because the issue is more than who can have fun at a gentlemen’s club.

    It’s whether local governments can enact anti-discrimination ordinances that offer more protections than the Florida Civil Rights Act, said Matthew Dietz, a Miami attorney who represents Brittney Smith and Anita Yanes.

    “We do believe that this issue is so important,” Dietz said. “We’re living in a time when these rights are being constricted.”

  3. God damn it, people are just dumb. I mean, I am dumb, but people are really, really, dumb, and our world is so much worse off for it. Damn.

  4. This makes sense!

    Anyone else notice the people that scream loudest about voter fraud are constantly committing voter fraud?

    Looking for inspiration for Homebrew day?  Here’s this years World Beer Cup winners…

  5. I’ve probably cited Freakonomics several times here, but in light of current events, its profile has risen:

    Trends expert: Crime rates will increase when Roe v Wade is repealed

    Quote: Speaking with host Michael Smerconish, Stanford Law Professor John Donohue, who co-wrote with book author Steven Levitt the study used in the book noting the correlation between pro-choice laws and crime decreases, said he believes crime will take a big jump –if not now, within 15 years — if the court guts Roe v Wade.

  6. mothersday flowers arrived a day early…not on the day as promised… but i guess thats to be expected out in the sticks where its just not worth opening shop on a sunday..

    anyways…mums pretty happy as she sent me a fuckload of emojis and this pic

    welp day early as it may be….i think that shop gave me my moneys worth….thats a bigly bushy

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