1. Trains. Travel with time and money no object?

    England, Canada, Farcyland, the US west coast, DC, Luigi’s DeadSplinter farm, the bluegrass state, etc. I would love to do a DeadSplinter world tour!

  2. Train or car. I fly because it’s sometimes necessary but I don’t particularly care for it. Me dream trip has always been Turkey. I want to see Istanbul, Cappadocia, and the Butterfly Valley.
    I also want to go to my ancestral home. My grandfather’s birthplace just outside of Rome, and Abruzzo, where my Nonna’s family is from.

    • The one time I was in Italy, the train travel was fast, frequent, and affordable. Evidently by European standards it’s unreliable, meaning trains could sometimes be a few minutes late.

  3. I love trains but obviously the car is the primary mode of transport. I would enjoy driving more if I was the only one on the road.

    Mrs Butcher and I are planning a trip to Italy in a few years but if money was no object then I would tour the continent.

  4. i’ll take a boat

    sure it takes a while to get anywhere…but theres plenty room for me wander about in,usually pretty good food and a bar available….aaand they let me smoke on deck…overlooking all the waves and enjoying the sea breeze…its wonderful

    trains are acceptable

    and i hate flying…well better put…i hate being stuck in a pressurized tube with slightly more people than you can fit in there comfortably….love the views tho

    i think i need a private jet

    also i’d like to go everywhere…but for the moment…courtesy of f1…i want to go to singapore

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