Planes, Trains and Automobiles [NOT 16/9/23]

What is your favorite mode of transit?

Also if money and time were no objective where would you want to go?



  1. Trains. Travel with time and money no object?

    England, Canada, Farcyland, the US west coast, DC, Luigi’s DeadSplinter farm, the bluegrass state, etc. I would love to do a DeadSplinter world tour!

  2. High speed trains are great. For most of the US, they’re painfully slow.

  3. Train or car. I fly because it’s sometimes necessary but I don’t particularly care for it. Me dream trip has always been Turkey. I want to see Istanbul, Cappadocia, and the Butterfly Valley.
    I also want to go to my ancestral home. My grandfather’s birthplace just outside of Rome, and Abruzzo, where my Nonna’s family is from.

    • The one time I was in Italy, the train travel was fast, frequent, and affordable. Evidently by European standards it’s unreliable, meaning trains could sometimes be a few minutes late.

  4. I love trains but obviously the car is the primary mode of transport. I would enjoy driving more if I was the only one on the road.

    Mrs Butcher and I are planning a trip to Italy in a few years but if money was no object then I would tour the continent.

  5. I would say air travel, but also I’ve never had any sort of rail travel experience to compare it to.

    I also like travel by cruise ship, admittedly that is not fast though.

  6. i’ll take a boat

    sure it takes a while to get anywhere…but theres plenty room for me wander about in,usually pretty good food and a bar available….aaand they let me smoke on deck…overlooking all the waves and enjoying the sea breeze…its wonderful

    trains are acceptable

    and i hate flying…well better put…i hate being stuck in a pressurized tube with slightly more people than you can fit in there comfortably….love the views tho

    i think i need a private jet

    also i’d like to go everywhere…but for the moment…courtesy of f1…i want to go to singapore

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