Plans on plans on plans [NOT 8/5/23]

Hi, friends!

Do you make plans? Do you make back-up plans? I have some friends who tend to make back-up plans to most things as a strategy to help mitigate stress and anxiety, which makes sense.

I don’t make plans to that extent. Often I make no plans at all! I plan some stuff with the gardening, but that’s more along the lines of deciding if I want to plant the same varieties of tomatoes, etc. Spoiler alert, it’s hit or miss. I’ve had great luck for the last 3 years with Lemon Boy tomatoes, but have had mediocre results with Celebrity tomatoes and completely worthless results with Green Zebra tomatoes. This year I am trying out a Patio variety as well as a Juliet paste tomato on recommendation from a farmer. I would love to do big tomatoes, but the squirrel situation makes that not a good strategy. The longer they take to ripen, the more opportunities for those little assholes to steal them, take a single fucking bite, then leave me a sad useless tomato in the yard.

This year I have tried twice to germinate some bean seeds. Last year I had good germination results. This year it failed miserably the first time. I just planted again Saturday afternoon but it can take a bit for them to come up. I planted the last of the bean seeds I had, which is perfect since they were Baker Creek and I bought them before I realized how conservative/douchey they are. If these failed to germinate (again), I’m just going to hit up a few local garden centers for any varieties except bush pole beans since I got those seedlings planted Saturday as well.

Anyways, anything going on where you got plans on plans on plans?



  1. At this point I’m at Plan X on leaving the current employer.

    I’d like to laugh about it, but can’t.

    Recently Plans U, V and W were proven to be a false hope. The place were I would have gone if I had been the successful candidate laid off a whole pile of contractors and I would be pissing and moaning about being unemployed.

    Lucky, I guess.

  2. We plan trips well in advance & my wife will try to schedule every day of trips.  I find that an overkill but usually go along.  My trip home next week, I have a few things scheduled but mostly only people scheduled & once I get there it is “what day works for you?”

    • I fucking love to research things to do on vacations! But the actual planning is like *here’s a few things I definitely want to do on that trip, but there’s a bunch of other things depending on time and energy. And weather!*

  3. i dont really plan…for holidays i’ll book the flights and where ever we are staying in advance….coz i have to…but beyond that im very much woo new place! now what?

    considering stepping away from that whole orderly flying thing….. i can take a sleeper train to most anywhere in europe and not have to plan any of that….dont even have to remember my passport

    sounds fun

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