Please For The Love Of God

It’s easy to be all doom and gloom these days.

We’re bombarded with bad news, crashing markets, fatal viruses, incompetent leaders, etc. etc. etc. (infinity etc.).

So do us all a favor and tell me something good!

Got a promotion at work? Saw something cute on Twitter? Excited about your weekend plans? Read a great book? You know what to do.

I’ll start: I mentor a teen parent through Generation Hope and she got her first A! I’m so proud and excited for this incredibly determined and intelligent young lady.




  1. I built my first computer a week ago and it still hasn’t exploded!

    Honestly, I’m pretty proud of myself for being able to do it, silly as it sounds. Been something I wanted to do for a long time and so far I’m happy with the results, other than wanting to keep buying parts for it and my wife (rightly) looking at me sideways for it.

  2. I’ve been pretty depressed recently between the constant bad news barrage, friends with cancer, death in the family, etc. Today I finally broke down and found the time to book a trip to see my 84 year old mother & the rest of my family in the islands. The “Songs for Change” website also tends to put me in a better mood, something about seeing/hearing people around the world come together to make great music puts a smile on my face. Here’s the latest…

  3. Ok. It sounds not good, but I’m really happy about it. I’m entering what should be my last month at my job of 7 years. I’ve got a generous severance package (how rare is that nowadays?) so there is no financial stress involved. I get to take a couple months off and focus on all those things I don’t do because the workday and commute eat up all my time. I’ll be coming out with enough money to get my self certified for my new career path without picking up new debt. Which will enable me to work closer to home in a secure employment field with better benefits. I fell pretty damned lucky actually.

    This last month is gonna be rough though, at least there’s a light at the end of my tunnel making it worth this slog.

  4. I had an extremely cool dream where I was playing rec league hockey and a player for my favorite NHL team was a “celebrity captain”. In the dream I was centering his line and barely picked up a gorgeous lead pass that I almost overskated, but managed to shoot backhand into the open net while losing my balance and falling over. I’ve only been watching hockey for about 5 years, don’t know how to skate, and have never held a real ice hockey stick, so this is likely the closest I’ll ever get to knowing what it feels like to score a goal off of a pass from an NHL player. It fucking ruled!

  5. ooooo….
    i just started work again this tuesday after taking a little over a week off
    came back to find our staff had almost doubled in that week… im drowning in cute little newbies to… also suddenly drowning in overtime (hey i dont mind… this place doesnt skimp on the overtime meals..its good eats from local restaurants)

    but yeah… got called into the bossmans office tuesday where he had a big red folder waiting for me…i figured that means im all kindsa fired:p…but turns out it was a lifers contract for me
    farscythe will be a contractor no more 🙂 (i even get cute benefits like fully paid sick leave and a real pension if i live that long)

  6. Starting a new job at the same company on Monday. My last day at my old job was today and they had a cake for me, which was nice considering most of my old job was telling people “no” and flogging them into compliance. New job kind of frightens me because I’ll be coding software which I haven’t done in 30 years, but it’s a path to being able to become the sole wage earner once my wife’s chronic pain condition forces her to stop working. So, ultimately, looking forward to Monday.

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