Plugging Along [DOT 2/3/22]

Seeing as how you may still be reading from yesterday, I’ll hit the highlights.

The State of the Union:

President Biden’s State of the Union address|



Apple suspends all product sales in Russia

Hounds chased a Yellowstone National Park mountain lion into a tree. Then Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte shot it.

Have a good day; hang in there!



    • The initial post is pretty stupid. Pandas survive by being 300-pound bears. Nothing fucks with them in their natural habitat because nothing’s stupid enough to try. Even leopards steer clear.

      Now baby pandas can be preyed upon, but of course the problem with that is momma. Again, the operative word in the phrase “panda bear” is bear.

  1. This is a good primer for Trump’s Ukraine schemes.

    The standard arguments for the press to memory hole Trump’s scandals are that they are too complicated (this isn’t), too unifying for the right (this isn’t), and too lacking in clickworthy drama (this absolutely isn’t).

    The press is happily letting the GOP hang Ukraine flags, complain about socialism, and blame Democrats for the invasion without any context, with even Ron Johnson who travelled to Moscow to announce support for Putin being given unquestioned opportunities to push obvious disinformation.



      • It might be genetic, like the tiny group of humans that are resistant to HIV.  If that’s true, it would take gene therapy to make other people immune. Vaccines are WAY easier. Of course, now anti-vaxxers will be trying to buy this girl’s urine or something stupid.

        And, by the way, if they do, I fully support her selling it to them. Morons deserve fleecing.

        • It would be particularly funny because of this:

          This means there is no guarantee they will not eventually become infected – as Garrett found out in late January. Having dodged the virus for almost two years, she was shocked when a routine lateral flow test produced an ominous second red line. Shortly afterwards, she developed mild Covid symptoms, but has since recovered.

          She DID end up getting it, most lively via an unintentional, anonymous exposure. So even a genetic predisposition is no guarantee.

          • Early on we had stories about certain blood types made you less likely to get it and if you did for it to be severe.  That research and story died down but I am not so sure it didn’t get shut down to keep people from having a false confidence.  My whole family is type O+ and that was the least likely to get it.  None of us got it though we have all been around multiple people that did.  I’m not saying that was the reason why but I would be surprised if it didn’t factor into it.

            • There were a ton of stories early on about things that seemed to help people resist infection. Blood type was one. I also saw other things that correlated with lower infection rates:

              • Flu shots
              • Pneumonia shots
              • Wine consumption (not BEER, dammit)
              • High vitamin D

              Those are ones that had studies done. There’s probably four or five more that I don’t remember right now. But you’re not going to get a legitimate medical professional to go on the record on any of those things preventing COVID, because 1. correlation is not causation and 2. you could potentially get the shit sued out of you if you’re wrong.

    • In dog training terms, it’s part of a dominance-based conditioning process.

      It’s not about leading his audience to do what they believe in, it’s about asserting control by forcing them to do things they wouldn’t  naturally do.

      Good dog trainers don’t do this because it leads to a lot of unhappiness along the way and problems down the line. But as long as the bad  trainer isn’t the one getting incidental bites, they don’t care.

      A critical path to stopping this kind of training has been defining it,  helping the dog world recognize it, and offering alternatives.

      Unfortunately in public discourse, there is still a lot of trouble even getting the mainstream press to see the training that Carlson and Fox are doing as propaganda networks, let alone begin talking about it.

  2. ha!….. the gubment here has just announced that they will be making extra announcements before testing the air raid sirens here on the first monday of every month from now on to avoid causing panic

    this is almost as good as when they mailed me iodine tablets just days after trump got into pissing contest with kim

    (turns out theres a nuclear power plant just across the border from me….but holy timing batman)

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