Podium Pup Joins Pack in Cycle Race

Dog joins race
"In third place, someone's dog."

Belgian cyclocross race fans were treated to a moving obstacle on Sunday in the form of a dog that apparently bolted from its owner.

The furry fan chased after cyclists after bounding into the Vlaamse Druivencross course at the end of the first lap. Several riders were forced to either take measures to avoid contact or even stop all-together.

According to Bicycling.com:

Cyclists getting chased by dogs is nothing new (unfortunately), though it’s certainly less common in races. Luckily, this dog wasn’t particularly aggressive, and none of the riders were injured. The dog was eventually caught, but it’s still unclear who the owner was.

Dutch rider Mathieu van der Poel (in a white jersey in the video, referred to as “the champ” by the announcer) prevailed over the dog and course conditions to win the race in Overisje, Belgium.



  1. That dog looks like he’s living his best life.

  2. Dogs make everything better.

  3. Dogs are brilliant. They can instantaneously triangulate and adjust their speed accordingly. I know this from my days of motorcycling down fine country roads and being very impressed and very frightened when a dog would have me in it’s sights.

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