Popular Opinions Post [NOT 22/3/22]

Hi, friends!

Happy Tuesday!

Popular opinions theme – what’s the worst Easter candy?

I would argue it’s a tie between black jelly beans and white chocolate Easter bunnies.

I love black licorice and I love fennel, so you’d think I like black jelly beans.

And you’d be wrong.

The distaste for white chocolate Easter bunnies is entirely due to that year as I kid that I ate the entire bunny and was sick as hell. My grandma used to make us lovely baskets out of the fancy expensive Fannie May candy she’d go to the specialty store for. Haven’t been able to do white chocolate since then.



  1. Peeps are super-satisfying for whipping back and forth at your friends.

    They don’t hurt if you hit someone in the face, but they have enough mass to get noticed. The bright colors make them easy to track as they fly through the air, and the irregular shapes mean they make noticeable sounds and not perfectly linear paths as they go back and forth.

    They don’t really leave stains when they hit and they don’t leave a sticky residue if they hit a wall. And they’re big enough to get a decent grip before you hurl them.

  2. I’m in the all-jellybeans-are-bullshit camp. What a waste of empty calories.

    Same with Peeps. Same with gumdrops (more of a Christmas thing, but still).

    Gimme all the chocolate.

  3. The only good jelly beans are Jelly Belly’s. I love the black licorice and cinnamon ones. Peeps suck, and Cadbury Cream Eggs are always a disappointment.

  4. Fennel is the devil’s own food.  Nobody really likes it.  People who say they like it are just trying to be cool and sophisticated, like people who say they like Drambuie or Malört.

    I still have trauma from when I was a kid at Thanksgiving and there was fennel (finocchio) in an appetizer dish on the table and I grabbed a piece thinking it was celery.

    The worst candy is C. Howard’s Violets (see below).  These are not my opinions, but my objective observations.

  5. Salted black licorice is good.

    Black jellybeans are an abomination, because black licorice ×extra sugar=awful.

    Marshmallows with extra sugar on the outside, however, are tasty!😉

    But the worst candy we’d get in our Easter baskets when we were kids, were circus peanuts!!!

    THOSE are a complete abomination, and an insult to the genus Candy!!!🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

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