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more haste, less speed...


…ok, folks…I know it’s not altogether convincing when I say I try to cut down on the amount of mouthing off I do to accompany these…the idea of an open thread isn’t an obvious place to park a soapbox when you think about it…although, having said that…if anyone happens to fancy parking a soapbox hereabouts to fill a open thread shaped hole in our vaguely scheduled programming feel free to say so?

…because otherwise…well, it looks a little like this

Covid-19 Risk Doesn’t Depend (Much) on Blood Type, New Studies Find




51 Days on a Ventilator: How ‘Miracle Larry’ Survived

…either way, being as yesterday was a slew of links somewhat in excess of what might be considered reasonable & hopefully I haven’t had time to accrue a similarly out of control crop in the scant hours since…although…you know…2020

Global Methane Emissions Reach a Record High


The illiberal left is a lot less threatening than the right. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.


White Supremacy Was Her World. And Then She Left.


Federal authorities said they would bring order to Portland, Ore., after weeks of protests there. Local leaders believe the federal presence is making things worse.



I am a Black police officer. We need to change what it means to serve our communities.


There’s a Chance to Tell a New American Story. Biden Should Seize It.
The Democrats Are Downsizing Their Convention to Almost Nothing
A Big Convention Decision by Democrats, and a Play for White Suburban Voters by Trump


Trump’s Fall in the Polls Endangers G.O.P. House Candidates
Mr. Bowman defeated the 16-term incumbent in a race that pitted the Democratic establishment against the party’s progressive wing.
Imagining Jan. 20, 2021.
Democrats Eye Trump’s Game Plan to Reverse Late Rule Changes
Pentagon Sidesteps Trump to Ban the Confederate Flag


No Bleach and Dirty Rags: How Some Janitors Are Asked to Keep You Virus-Free


Ginsburg Says Her Cancer Has Returned, but She’s ‘Fully Able’ to Remain on Court


Newsom Announces Rules Forcing Most California Schools to Start Remotely


Several people involved in the events that took down Twitter this week spoke with The Times, giving the first account of what happened as a pursuit of Bitcoin spun out of control.
How to Report on Internet Culture and the Teens Who Rule It
Millions of unemployed Americans face imminent catastrophe.
Suspect Is Arrested in Grisly Killing of Tech C.E.O. Fahim Saleh

…but here’s the bit where the tinfoil hits the hat…individually it’s easy to sort of shrug off the various avenues by which the postal service has been getting kicked in the teeth…but there are a lot…leading from the top




…& we know that mail-in ballots are likely to provide an unprecedented volume of those cast come November

Vote-by-Mail Ballot Requests Overwhelm New York City Elections Agency

…& that it’s a favored target in terms of things the let’s-do-this-again campaign seem keen to make as disreputable as possible




…& that the very reasonable prediction is that the more of them there are the more likely they are to favor the (D) ticket on a net basis


https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/US election: Do postal ballots lead to voting fraud?

…although arguably it’s not really that simple


…& we know that one way or another outright attempts at voter supression are in full swing across a broad range of fronts


…be it sketchy shit pertaining to electronic voting machines & the ballots that they tally

…it’s a whole thread

…or removing voters from the rolls

n November, many swing state voters won’t get to cast a ballot. That’s by design.

…or just keeping them off them because they can price them out of the market


…if they can hold up the mail by creating some timewasting internal logistical snafu (I did mention the tinfoil up front) then the number of ballots they could throw out…& the manner by which they could define that in a targeted manner based on districts & demographics…is not insignificant at a statistical (& thereby potentially electoral) level




…which, yes…smacks of the tinfoil thing…but not nearly so much as it really should deserve to…since it’s…well…not entirely academic at this point


…so all this determined effort to ham-fistedly foreshadow an accusation that China has an interest in fraudulently interceding in November’s election in order to favor Biden’s cause


The U.S. president’s comments are part of a badly coordinated attempt to shape the dominant debate of the 2020 election.

…does not feel me with zen-like optimism


How Ultra-Black Fish Disappear in the Deepest Seas

…go figure?



  1. Especially gutted over John Lewis. Just happened to meet him and march near him at the Women’s March. He was treated like the saint that he was. 

  2. “…if they can hold up the mail by creating some timewasting internal logistical snafu (I did mention the tinfoil up front) then the number of ballots they could throw out…& the manner by which they could define that in a targeted manner based on districts & demographics…is not insignificant at a statistical (& thereby potentially electoral) level”

    Likewise, if TrumpCo’s Goon Squads are patrolling the streets in D-leaning cities on election day, and remanding thousands of potential D-side voters on Election Day, as “Republican Poll Watchers” cast aspersions on BIPOC voters, *and* we potentially have roving crews of CosPlay-Militia folks conducting “Citizens’ Arrests”… 
    We would have the “By Hook” part of TrumpCo’s attempts to win “By Hook, or By Crook.”

    With the Crook, of course, be the defunding of USPS, purging of the Voter Rolls, Voter ID laws & their inherent disenfranchisement, the *security* of voting systems, and any other assorted tampering of/hacking of voting machines.

    If TrumpCo gets away with these 4th-Amendment violations, and are able to expand them to cities (LIKE MINE!) outside Portland…
    We may WELL & Truly be fucked, as a Democracy.
    And I’m honestly EXTREMELY worried about this, y’all.

    • …that stuff about the unmarked vans full of “officers” pulling people off the streets of portland is disturbing to say the least

      …but the voter stuff is more than worrying me, if I’m honest

      • It scares the shit out of me, that ^^^THAT (election day) may be what all of this is REALLY about…
        Trump’s people KNOW that they can’t *win* on just his base, they only won LAST time,because of apathy & enough folks thinking Hil was a shoo-in, that they stayed home (PLUS the disenfranchised in heavily-Blue parts of states like WI!)…
        If they can  SCARE enough folks in Blue States/Cities into staying home, and rally enough racial hatred to turn the Red areas out HUGE (plus profit off of Russian, Saudi, and assorted *other*) interference online & via things like power/internet/information outages…
        They COULD keep their hands on power…
        And it would mean the final fall of a once-powerful nation, into a full-on Kakistocracy/Banana-Oligarchic-Republic.

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