…post hoc [DOT 18/8/20]

ergo procter hoc...

…so…some things are certanly divisive


…& some are a little hard to get your head around


…I mean…I don’t want to sound like I’m all up in the tinfoil because that happens to be the guy who wound up in Russia for the duration…but


…well…it’s a little curious…I mean…I thought he liked a winner?




…some things are pretty sorry reading even when they make sense


Trump Administration Finalizes Plan to Open Arctic Refuge to Drilling






Rapid Testing Is the New Velvet Rope




…& some are just plain hard to figure out

In what may be the world’s most important math puzzle, researchers are trying to figure out how many people in a community must be immune before the coronavirus fades.





2 Are Charged in Killing of Jam Master Jay, Hip-Hop Pioneer



…but it sure seems like they merit a bit of thought?

How Queer Women Powered the Suffrage Movement


New research indicates that human immune system cells are storing information about the coronavirus so they can fight it off again.



Kamala Harris Cartoon in Murdoch Paper Is Denounced as Racist



…or better still some action

The Postal Crisis: ‘Our Democracy Is at Risk’




A crisis of confidence in the Postal Service is pushing Democratic Party and state officials to look for a Plan B: ballot drop-boxes, curbside voting, and even expanded in-person polling sites.



…still…it’d be nice to think that even a snowball’s chance in hell isn’t a foregone conclusion if the snowball gets big enough on its way down the mountain


…& speaking of getting things rolling





  1. huh…. im actually surprised the us military made any payments to civilian cassualties
    from over here it sure looked like the aproach was more along the lines of anyone we blow up or shoot was a combatant…or we wouldnt have blown them up or shot them
    duh (that includes the british tank convoy…limey bastards were clearly up to no good)
    (not that we get to point fingers over here…we blew up a munitions factory in the middle of a residential area and were surprised that the boom turned out a little bigger than intended)
    anyhoo…over here the primary schools opened today…time to find out if any of the little plaguebags brought a gift home from holiday….taking bets now on wether or not the north stays relatively rona free now

        • …I mean…it’s not like I know how that particular exchange rate is calculated but maybe they couldn’t really argue it wasn’t mostly on the dead guy that he got killed?

          …or maybe there was some particular thing they demanded & that’s what it cost?

          …honestly the whole thing is more than a little hard to get my head around

          • *shrugs* no idea tbh
            the people we blew up sure want a lot more moolah tho
            i suspect about 200 years from now when the lawyers and politicians here have stopped arguing and debating about it some of their great great grandchildren will suddenly become millionaires….maybe even get an apology

  2. Anyone have any thoughts about Pandemic Convention Night 1? I wasn’t able to watch it live but I’ve been watching highlights this morning. God I miss Michelle Obama. Bernie Sanders did a nice impression of Larry David, to whom Sanders is distantly related. Sanders moved to Vermont in 1968 (52 years ago) and yet has a more authentic Brooklyn accent than most people living in Brooklyn now. As a New Yorker I’m suffering from a little Cuomo fatigue, but he was very good. The whole thing reminded me of a telethon with Eva Longoria in the Jerry Lewis role. Apparently each night a different celebrity will perform this hosting duty, so I will have to look up the schedule and see if any of the cast of “Friends” has been chosen. I hope Jennifer Aniston is on the roster. Although my favorite character from “Friends” was Lisa Kudrow. She could stand in front of a makeshift counter folding scarves and say something like, “And now a few words from President Bill Clinton, who all the Friends voted for, except for Joey, who didn’t realize we were having an election in 1996.”

    • I only watched Bernie and Michelle Obama. Bernie did his typical job of impressing me and really tried to make a case for his supporters to quit with their bullshit and get on board, which I imagine most of his supporters will begrudgingly accept.
      I’ll always say that Barack didn’t convince me to vote for him, Michelle did, and GODDAMN did she make a helluva case for Joe Biden. She brought it like no one else can. I would say more , but gotdamn, if you haven’t seen it, go watch it and get all fired up.
      Michelle Obama would be an amazing President, which is exactly why she’s too goddamn smart to ever run for President. I especially felt the part where she admitted she hates politics, which I think is gonna resonate with more people than anyone really realizes.

      • Michelle Obama is brilliant, and one of the big frustrations of her time as First Lady is the way the pundits would elevate the idiotic critics and diminish her in order to pretend to be balanced.
        They always framed things in terms of her needing to defend childhood nutrition and health, instead of ever asking what kind of creeps attack those things. She was being presented as just as political as they were, rather than someone dealing in good faith with a real issue. Because both sides, you know.

        • I had a former “friend” argue with me that Michelle Obama politely suggesting that maybe children should have access to healthy food was tantamount to tyranny on a scale second only to Hitler’s Germany. (I’m paraphrasing a bit, but that was the gist). This was the same friend that said that all children should learn how to dissemble, clear and clean a pistol in school as a way to prevent gun violence because *shrug emoji*.

    • I saw Stephen Stills was on tap to perform, and I thought “oh no, more Grandpa Boomer smarm.” But then this morning I saw Billy Porter did the vocals, and I’m OK with that now.
      I’m not sure what anyone who tuned in specifically to see John Kasich thought of it. All three of those people.

      • It’s sad how topical that song is today. Billy Porter did a great job, and Steven Stills hasn’t looked that good in years, thanks to his liver transplant.

      • I’m not sure what a typical John Kasich voter would be like but if they skew older and white they must know the song. 
        Here’s a piece of political trivia I love to throw around. By the time New York got around to the primaries in 2016* the Trump juggernaut was seemingly unstoppable. Every single county went for Trump in the Republican primary except one: New York County, which is Manhattan. Why? The Manhattan Republicans, there aren’t many, had experience with him (though he was not a Republican) and had lots of different reasons for running away from him. NY County went for Kasich. So maybe my Republican neighbors watched for him. I don’t know any so I have no one to ask.

        *When New York finally got around to holding primaries in 1976, post-Watergate, they finally decided to do this, the feeling was that by going late New York could be kind of a king maker. Problem is the state was hemorrhaging residents and delegate slots and by the time the New York primary is held it’s pretty much been decided. This year the DNC allowed New York to move the primary up to April 23rd, yes the DNC decides these things, but even then it was too late. No one survived Super Tuesday but Biden, and that was in March.

    • Awww, the good ol’ Jay Gruden approach. It’s the ultimate example of Coaches’ Brain. “I’d rather lose my way than win some other way!”
      Kirk Cousins had the second highest passer rating the league on play action passes his last year in Washington, but Washington ranked in the bottom five in the league for play action attempts. Then they traded for Alex Smith, who had the highest passer rating on play action passes, and before his leg exploded, Washington still ranked practically dead last in play action pass attempts. And all this while they also ranked in the top 5 in running attempts on first down, which is statistically proven to be the least effective way to start an offensive drive. All in a bid to “establish the run”…and then not take advantage of it whatsoever.
      And all this because Jay Gruden apparently had the belief that a quarterback turning their back to the defense was a bad thing. Meanwhile, his former offensive coordinator Sean McVay ran play action on almost 70% of plays and all he did was go to the Super Bowl to face off against New England, who was running play action on 60+% of plays.
      GOD I’m glad Jay Gruden is in Jacksonville, scheming up new and inventive ways to fuck up Gardner Minshew’s career.

        • With all due respect, I just want Jay Gruden to be as far away from Dwayne Haskins as humanly fucking possible. It’s no surprise that Haskins started looking vaguely like he belonged on an NFL field after Jay was fired and even more so after Gruden-ajacent Bill Callahan was forced to give up any control over playcalling duties. Jay Gruden who leaked that Dwayne Haskins was struggling to learn the playbook instead of maybe not having forcing a guy who had only has two-three word plays in his one year as starter to learn fourteen word playcalls. Jay Gruden, the brilliant playcaller who kept trying to make Colt McCoy a thing despite all evidence that Colt McCoy is indeed Colt McCoy and not the second coming of Andy Dalton. Jay Gruden’s perfect ideal of a football player is a robot who knows the playbook but isn’t actually good at football and cutting anyone he might have to be arsed to actually coach, lest that take away from his time trolling bars for barely legal tail in Ashburn. Fuck Jay Gruden now and forever. I regret nothing.
          I wish no ill-will on Minshew, he seems like a good dude who deserves a shot. Unless the Jags have a more talented guy on the offensive coaching staff to steal plays and ideas and then still take credit for get some decent ideas from, like a Sean McVay or a Hue Jackson, then Gardner will enjoy a season watching Leonard Fornette plow head first into stacked boxes before getting sacked on third down because Gruden’s playcalling is as predictable as the sun rise.

    • oh good she’s out of china…id say that gives her 50/50 odds of not getting dissapeared now then
      chinas ruling system falling apart now would kinda suck tho… i mean..they’re a bunch of evil dickbags..but they are pretty stable…
      i mean.. to be purely selfish about this it would be best for me if china could at least keep they’re shit together till america stops being pants on head retarded and england finally sinks… really…once weve gotten over all that shit they can go ahead and implode….theres only so many crisis we can take over here before shit goes really fucking wonky you know

    • “What the fuck are they going to talk about?”
      OBVIOUSLY they’re going to share how their house was almost set upon by “terrorists” (🙄🙄🙄), who “stormed” their gated street community, *nearly razing their lovingly restored manse, in the manner of Sherman Marching to the Sea,* as “said terrorists, Lennonists, Marxists, and Trotsky-ites… were…
      frightened away(?**), thanks to the McCloskey’s brandishing of SUPERIOR FIREPOWER(TM), during those…
      scurrilous attacks on the lives and liberty of said homeowners!!!”
      Or some-such BS and utter nonsense like ☝️that, anyway….
      **they MUST have been frightened away, Yes?
      It simply COULDN’T be, that those protesters were actually… on their way to somewhere else🤔…
      CLEARLY they were all on a personal mission to attack the McCloskey domicile…
      Second-amendment-lovers, and loyal supporters of TrumpCo, that they are–those peaceful protesters (GASP!) TERRORISTS-AND-MARXISTS(!!!!) were SURELY after THEM, and the footage of folks simply walking on by, was all…
      A carefully crafted ruse, to circle back… hours later(?), and loot the McCloskey property…

      • lol…yeah… sounds bout right…
        still…even just inviting them sends a pretty clear message
        guess the reps really have given up any and all pretense and are just going all out for that scared/racist white vote….
        i wish i could say that wont be a winning strategy tho…
        i mean….it got em this fuckin far

    • am now wondering if you’ll get a zebrhino if you inseminate a black rhino with white rhino eggs
      *may have spent all day cross polinating flowers in animal crossing

  3. *scratches head* if this is real…im hugely impressed….if it isnt…im still pretty impressed

    (also dont mind me…i promises…just 2 more weeks of me being overly chatty till i go back to work)

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