Presidents’ Day [DOT 21/2/22]

Oh happy day! I have the day off so even though it is Monday it doesn’t really FEEL like a Monday.

How about you? How are you celebrating?

Update on the blockade…

Ottawa protests: conspiracies and accusations of betrayal as police end blockade



Millions of Americans will be forced into an involuntary polar plunge this week

Who thinks they are “Weekend At Bernie-ing” her at this point?

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, world’s longest-serving monarch, tests positive for Covid; symptoms are mild


Revealed: Credit Suisse leak unmasks criminals, fraudsters and corrupt politicians


‘Homer at the Bat’ at 30: The landmark ‘Simpsons’ episode that pushed the show’s boundaries


Have a great day!



  1. Regarding the Trucker Protest:

    When you live in a bubble, “work” in a bubble and are mentally stuck in a bubble then it really sucks when that bubble explodes by the sight of hundreds of cops and angry citizens cheering them on to arrest your dumb bubble brained ass.

    To the “trucker protest” alleged “leaders”:  rule number one of actual leadership… don’t demand your followers to hold the line when you’re running over the hills and far away. That’s why fragging was invented.

    I have no respect for anyone involved in the actual protest. We should consider ourselves fortunate that the extreme right-wing is led by morons and cowards. And if it turns out that a certain provincial government officials (Ontario ahem) were involved coordinating with the protest then I would not be surprised considering how a) Dough Ford took power in the OCP and b) how he’s run the government.

  2. 30 years since Homer At the Bat

    20 years since the Simpsons made a good episode.

    I am one of THOSE people.  Annoying Simpsons fan from the early days bitching on and on about how the last 20 years sucked balls. To be fair I stopped watching regularly in 2002 and I have watched an ep once and then only to stop and mutter about putting an onion on my belt cause it was the style at the time.

  3. How am I celebrating? Well, for me this is one of those bullshit federal holidays when I still have to work but don’t get my mail (although that last detail could have applied for a couple of weeks so far earlier this year). But at least the parking meters aren’t enforced in the city, so maybe I’ll go to this one place instead of another one for a sandwich before I start work today. (Note to @brightersideoflife: Go down there on a holiday or a Sunday if you don’t feel like figuring out how the fuck to top up the payment machines.)

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