Pretty Things: A Day in the Yard

Plants, Flowers, and Birds

It is a semi-dreary day here and all the pretty leaves have fallen off the trees. Seems like a good time to relive a day in May in my yard. My wife loves to grow unique plants and flowers, don’t ask me what they are as most of them I have no idea. I just like to take pictures of them. Some of these flowers are tiny and shot with my macro lens. Hope this brightens up anyone’s day that is having the holiday blues.

Somebody didn’t like me snooping around the yard!
More watching eyes!

Hope you enjoyed this intermission from the terrible news of the day or stress of travel, work, and company prep. Happy Thanksgiving eve!



  1. Beautiful. Were one of the photos of alstromeriums?

    • I have no idea, if you tell me which pic I can ask the boss lady.


  2. I’m guessing that hummingbird was not going to cooperate with a macro lens.

    • Yeah, not so much.

      • Hummingbirds have a lot of attitude for such small creatures, lol.
        Very nice photos, thanks for sharing.

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