Pretty Things: Spring in the Yard

My wife is obsessed with plants. I used to fight with her about how much she spent on plants but it has actually been a wonderful distraction and has made our yard a heaven for flowers, birds and bees. It changes often through the year as she has found a way to always have something blooming. Here’s a few of my favorite shots of what has been blooming in May.

I love when it is warm enough for the bees to return to the yard. You can hear the buzz when you open the door and watch them fly from flower to flower.

I love my macro lens for flower photography. It opens up a discovery or parts of the flower you can’t always see well with the naked eye.

Even some of the roses are out early.

When we bought our house the only truly amazing plant was a neglected Japanese maple right next to the garage. It is a weeping Japanese maple that was not pruned and had leaves hanging to the ground. My wife was afraid to prune it until a botanist friend showed her how to do it. Now, a few times a year I see her climb underneath it with her pruners and clip small branches 1 by 1 for hours. It is a tedious process and after the first time it was done we realized how spectacular the branch structure is. I have tried to shoot this thing for years but never caught it in all its glory until recently right after she pruned. The branches actually loop in multiple places and the colors when the sun shines through it are glorious. This tree is a favorite perch and hideout for many of the small birds that visit the nearby feeder. It sits right outside our garden window which makes for great bird watching.

Hope this added a little color into your day. Have a great weekend.



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