Prime Time Jan 6th Hearings! [NOT 21/7/22]

I guarantee the person she's flipping off deserved it.

Hi, friends!

Time for the big finale of the Jan 6th coup hearings tonight!

Anyone want to drop a comment of the crazy ass shit they expect to hear?

Unrelated news – I did not have polio case in New York on my 2022 bingo card, but really I should have because 2022.



  1. The polio case contracted the virus because there are some communities up in Rockland that won’t take any vaccines for religious reasons. In the case of the guy who contracted polio, he’s now paralyzed for life.

    • They should give all viruses less friendly names. Then people might retain some fear/respect for virus after it is no longer part of our collective memory. Nobody wants to fuck with Black death, The Plague, or Monkey Pox. Ebola, Cholera, and Polio sound like pet chicken names.

    • I was wondering if it was something along the lines of a Mennonite community where you’d have a lot of unvaccinated folks living near each other.

      Or failing that homeschooling christo-fascist weirdos.

      • Although the identity of the polio sufferer is unknown, Rockland County is famous for a couple of growing communities of ultra-orthodox Jewish sects, so I’m guessing he’s a member of one of those. One thing that is known is that the polio case was unvaccinated. They won’t take the vaccines because there’s something in vaccines, a stabilizer I think, that makes them trayf or treif (non-kosher). They’re offshoots of their Brooklyn brethren. How and why they went to Rockland of all places I don’t know. There’s a similar community in New Jersey which to me is also mystifying. There must be a reason but I know very little about the history of these groups, just that they exist.

  2. Footage of Gym Jordan crying like coward he is when he realized that the MAGAts were coming to kill him.

    Hillary laughing like an evil maniac as the Secret Service goes all “butter texts/emails.”

  3. It’s off to a slow start & only political nerds like us have not flipped to Jeopardy or whatever.  Needs Tarantino or at least someone with “Hollywood elite” skills directing this shit!

  4. Genuinely surprised how much Ivanka and Jared were “disloyal” to dear leader by trying to calm shit down faster. I mean it’s not because of any sense of humanity so much as they knew quickly it wasn’t going to end how Cheeto Mussolini wanted it to.

    He really should have had Don jr and what’s his face (the other one who I can’t remember the name of) because those two would just have done a line of coke and been like yeah, dad, you got this.

  5. Pretty blonde goes from next Fox News star to enemy #1 in nothing flat!  I would like to have sympathy but you sleep with dogs, you get fleas.  Doing the bare minimum is not going to do it.

    • I raised my fist walking on the avenue

      I never thought I’d meet a mob made of rage filled dolts like you.

      Meet a mob of dolts like you.

      With flags, clubs and meth eyes

      Will use them though

      But I ran. I ran swiftly away

      I just ran. Ran quickly to save my ass today

      I ran to get away.

  6. Not related to the hearings AT ALL,


    But a really neat & sweet story, on the old, beloved, and no longer the same Deadspin;

    And ngl, it ALWAYS amuses the everloving hell outta me, to see parts of the old Gawkerverse talked about in “Real Journalism” (TM) news sources!😉😆😂🤣💖

    The old, intimate, pirate-ship** having a full writeup in the Guardian is just… weird, yet sweet!😄

    And neat, too, because *we were all THERE* for so many years, and it WAS that “home” or “living room” that we’d pop into on & off all day, to check in on everything & see what everyone was up to💖

    It’s neat, sometimes, to just *understand* how a thing *worked* irl, because we WERE the folks “there” witnessing it back when it happened–rather than just *trying* to understand “what it must’ve been like…”

    Bangarang, y’all!💖💞💝💫


    **YES, Denton was an unmitigated DICK, and a complete & utter asshole, who never should’ve outed folks.

    He was fucking BRILLIANT when it came to encouraging writers to interact with their readers, and getting the fuck out of the way of that interaction, though, too!

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