Problems that you shrug over [NOT 23/01/23]

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Hi, friends!

Anything recently that made the news or worried people you know that you were just kind of like, eh, fuck it, it’s fine?

A coworker messaged me about hearing about some libraries in Colorado that had to be closed temporarily due to identifying meth levels.

I guess I should think this is a concerning thing? Except realistically most public use places in the Midwest and Appalachia areas has meth. I used to go to a CVS that ended up being one of the biggest sources of Sudafed used for meth. It’s everywhere. A friend waiting on dental repair told me she’s worried she looks like she has meth teeth. A family member had a house down the street explode several years ago because the neighbor was cooking meth. Shit, Missouri probably has more meth residue than nuclear waste, and that’s saying something!



  1. I wouldn’t call it a problem, but a lot of people freak over kids being out on their own. However it’s so common around here that you couldn’t do anything about it if you wanted to, and it’s just how things are.

      • I’ve experienced Vancouvers homeless, way less aggressive than ours.  Plus they squeegee your windows instead of stealing your carts & pissing on your car.  Canadians are even more polite in homelessness than Americans.

        • At least it’s gotten worse in the past 4 years my friends who live there tell me. A cop was knifed to death while escorting a social case worker who was checking up on someone a few weeks before I showed up.

          Most of them aren’t violent though.

          Homelessness (with corresponding mental illness and drug abuse) is a tough issue with few answers.

  2. Any kind of so-called career killing mistake.

    I’ve made a few over the years at the current place…  losing my temper and telling a director to get fucked after a screwed up (by him) interview and getting blackballed from his organization, getting suspended because of the cokehead narcissist, telling a few supervisors what I thought of them, proverbially kicking another director in the nuts in a meeting and embarrassing him in front of his peers/superiors by showing my work after he called me a liar, showing up the current manager when he told me I didn’t have the presentation skills* for the job I previously held and did well at etc etc etc.

    *Now, to be “fair”, I don’t have the lying skills to call bullshit tasty so he might have a point.

    Sure it made me a bitter resentful husk about work, but I don’t freak out over it. It’s just another day that ends in y.

    Seriously, the worst thing my current employer can do is promote me (which isn’t going to happen thankfully.)

    I just sing along with the African Hipsters and Taylor Swift.


  3. When any of the kids I work with has a “behavior incident.”


    I.e., throwing chairs (these are the small, light, plastic & metal “Kindergarten Chairs,” so you CAN deflect them pretty easily–and the kids usually can only lob ’em a couple feet😉), hitting, kicking, swearing, biting, or scratching me…

    1. They’re often learning how to “be around other people” (non-family people) for the first time–especially our 3-year olds.

    And 2. That’s HARD STUFF when you’re tiny and may not HAVE easily understood expressive language skills!

    I just shrug & try to figure out what the message was, *before* the behavior happened, and where/how that message wasn’t picked up.

    Because typically?

    As soon as we figure out how that kiddo is trying to send their messages out? The behavior incidents STOP.

    ‘Cuz now *someone* can understand them.

    So a shrug, saying, “Rats!” Or “You look MAD.” validates their feelings, while *purposefully* ignoring the behavior, so that we don’t reinforce & reward those big behaviors & teach the kiddo they can use that to get what they want.

    Basically, as long as no one is in danger of getting hurt, with “behaviors,” they’re sort of like Zpring rainstorms–they pop up, maybe blow a little bit of debris around, then evaporate away again, a short time later…

    So JUST like those little April Showers, we let them blow on by quickly, clean up that little mess, and MOVE ON quickly from them😉💖

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