Quality [NOT 18/2/22]

Many things still work!

Swiss Army Knife

Source: Wikimedia Commons https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:SAK_1951.JPG

What can you count on?

The thread in this morning’s OT about the planes landing successfully in crazy windy conditions got me thinking. We all know many things that you can’t count on. But some things are still there for you! Air travel is ridiculously safe, even as stadiums are collapsing, but what else?

For example, King Arthur Flour was founded in 1790 and is still going strong as the King Arthur Baking Company. They have a reputation for great quality baking supplies, and 25 years ago they became an employee-owned company.

Another example is Victorinox Swiss Army Knives. Victorinox’s factory has stayed put in Switzerland since 1884, and they are still known as the reliable mini-kludge for MacGyvers all over.

Once after Christmas when my kids were tiny and the lock to our front door was broken, I used a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife to disassemble something built into the outer wall of our house and climb through the hole to open the door from the inside.

So tell us, Deadsplinterines, what thing (or person or institution) can you count on that just works?



  1. Honda cars & SUVs.  I have had 3 Civics since the  late 80s & a Pilot & now a CRV in the 2000s.  All have been amazing low maintenance vehicles.  My oldest current Honda is a 2006 Civic that I’m hoping to last until my EV is delivered in early 2023 (I’m on a waitlist).

      • I love that car but Honda has no plans to bring it to the US.  Funny, I was writing my Honda love letter before I read yours.  I’m pissed that Honda has no current EV plans for US so I am going elsewhere

        • honda has no plans to bring a little ev to to the market coz america has no plan to buy one

          even yous  ev loving types are ordering trucks

          *coughs rivian*

          so dont fucking whine….. thats capitalism baby


      • My Civic has almost 180,000 miles so far & will be way over 200,000 by the time I sell it so it was well worth it.  I’ve changed tires only a few times & only a few other small maintenance things.  It has been the best value of any car I have had, even earlier Civics.

    • Drove an Acura from 97 to 06 and a Civic from 06 to 19 (died in an accident which was not my fault).

      Kinda pissed Honda missed the ev revolution. Drive a Nissan Leaf 17 right now.

  2. Our veterinarian. We’ve been going to him for 25 years and for ten dogs. His wife is a fancy dog surgeon in the same practice. They are both in their late 60’s and I fear their eventual retirement.

  3. Leatherman Multitool. It is the best damn tool to use in a pinch especially when a toolbox is not nearby.

    I love it. Don’t go camping or hiking without it.

    I find the Swiss army knife to be limited and too delicate or small for when I need a tool in an emergency. 

    The Leatherman has a 4 inch sharp blade and decent sized tools. I highly recommend it for anyone’s bug out bag.

    Not paid for by Leatherman. 

    • The Leatherman is definitely a lot sturdier than a Swiss Army Knife. You can use a Swiss Army Knife for a few screws or slicing a few things, but they’re not nearly as good for more rugged duty.

      • I didn’t know what Leatherman tools were until I was doing fieldwork and then it was like “you’re not a legit archaeologist without one.” I never got one, because they were expensive.

        Also turned out I wasn’t a legit archaeologist since I was a grad school dropout. Shrug.


      • …the flaw with having acquired a leatherman seems to be that as/when they produce another one that seems like it could plausibly be claimed was a better fit for one’s requirements…it’s hard to justify shelling out for the new one when there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the old one…despite whatever unforgiving treatment you might have managed to put it through?

  4. MacBook.

    I have had two since 2008.

    Only one HDD crash and three hard resets.

    Two major complaints.

    The Mag 2 connect is shit and the insulation melts. Had to replace it twice.

    Bloody expensive. Takes me 3 years to save up to buy one. 8 years with one laptop is pretty good. 6 with the current model.

  5. Pyrex. I’m currently using a pyrex bowl my parents got as a wedding gift in in 1976. Spring Blossom pattern, I use the bowls all the time. The only reason I don’t have the full set in use is because in the late 90s one of my aunts borrowed one and forgot to return it. I have other vintage Pyrex from my grandmother’s collection that I bake in and it’s fantastic.

    • I also use an old set of stainless steel mixing bowls that belonged to my other grandmother, she got them in the 1970s and I have no clue what brand they are. Maybe Farberware, she loved her Farberware pots and pans.

      • Yes! I have tried to focus on quality for my housewares in recent years as I don’t want to keep buying cute crap and then replacing it.

        So I also have a few other housewares brands that so far are in my category of quality but also I haven’t used them for more than 5-10 years yet so the jury’s still out.

  6. KitchenAid mixers. Mine is a refurbished one that I got in 1997 I think. So it was already used when I got it and it’s still like brand new 25 years later.
    Also Henkels Professional grade knives. Professional grade is the key. They make a bunch of consumer level (cheap shit) lines but just save your money for the real thing.

    • I do wonder with Kitchenaid mixers once they hit that cultural momentum of *every kitchen needs a stand mixer, get yours today at Target/Kohl’s/Walmart/Home Depot/everywhere* if their quality could slip.

      For example Chi ceramic flat irons were fucking amazing back when they were new and you had to shell out major cash at a mall kiosk to get them. And then once they became widely available at retailers the quality has noticeably gone to shit. This happened around 2008ish and it seemed like they couldn’t scale up to meet demand while maintaining quality.

    • I remember reading a history of the original Mr. L.L and he was stubborn in a good way — he was about doggedly figuring out the best way to make things, rather than sticking to his guns that he knew the answers.

      • I bought my L.L.Bean coat for cold Chicago winters back last century, and it is still perfect.  Even the colors haven’t faded.  They built that stuff right.

        • In our area it is about being warm & waterproof so Helly Hanson stuff is unbeatable.  We used to have a real outlet near the Canadian border that sold super high end gear for like 1/4 the price of new at the end of the season.  The good stuff even has wetsuit kind of zippers.

          • I’ve had the same HH ski jacket for 20 years and even though I am so fucking fed up of wearing the same jacket every winter I have no valid reason to replace it. It is black with some white trim and slim fit. It doesn’t show its age. At this rate I will hand it down to my kids in ten years and then finally allow myself to buy a new one.

        • I have an L. L. Bean backpack that my mom got in the 80’s.  I’ve used the hell out of it and the only thing wrong with it is that the front flap velcro finally peeled off the front when the stitching broke.

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