Quid Pro Quo, Clarice.

In another move by the Biff administration to take action against anyone who disagrees with its policies, the Hill is reporting that the acting director of USCIS, Ken Cuccinelli, has suspended the popular Global Entry & NEXUS program for residents of the state of New York, because it has in place its Green Light Law, which allows undocumented immigrants the ability to get a state driver’s license.

Cuccinelli’s action was buoyed by the also acting director of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf (aka about damn near the whitest name ever written) who announced the policy guess where? That’s right, on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show, before informing state officials. Because this is how it works now.

New York is one of the most populous states in the nation, so this is another example of cutting off your nose to spite your face; the amount of money that will be lost from New Yorkers not being able to sign up for these programs will not be a small amount, and it will only further increase financial shortfalls if the department continues to throw its weight around against other states that may adopt similar laws.

This is the latest example of Biff and his gang of bullies trying to force everyone to kowtow to them or face consequences. Clearly not a one of them ever attended a civics class; if you’ve been in this country for longer than five seconds, you know full well it is impossible to get everyone to be in line on anything. Someone always objects. And the precedent of punishing an entire state’s residents, literally tens of millions of people, over a law, is horrific, and likely illegal…not like that’s ever stopped these criminals before. This move is not only harming New Yorkers, but it is also a transparent attempt to bully other states away from considering these laws.

This can also be called upon for rabblerousing attempts by the Rotten Orange in Chief, surely motivating the hatred of the New Yorkers who call themselves Biff supporters.

This is not how government works. This is how dictators work. Play the game our way, or you’re fucked. Quid pro quo. Stay tuned…

Here’s the full story. https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/481908-trump-official-threatens-to-expand-global-entry-suspension-beyond-new

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  1. It’s not a coincidence that this happened the day after he was acquitted. In their arguments, the impeachment managers brought up that the Ukraine business was no different than Trump extorting a state and letting Trump walk on this would give him free reign to do so. Here we are.

    I’m sure there’s someone who will try to argue that states get penalized all the time for not complying with this federal law or that federal law, which is not true in the sense that all compliance is applied to all states equally and an individual state will be given a chance to arbitrate their realistic odds of complying or by getting some sort of waiver (usually, I’m not an expert)

    This is clearly meant to be a punishment for a state who would, reasonably, need to allow immigrants of all legal statuses have licenses to drive. This opens the door for ICE to take people into custody without due process because of people “driving without a license” and therefore they get to say they’ve got a “criminal” off the street.

    Unfortunately, I’m sure a sizeable portion of people who will think this is fine, despite their own nose dripping with blood, because that will sure teach the liberals of the state of New York.

    Lastly, it’s a state’s right to restrict access to abortion services for 50% of the population, but letting people drive legally is a state’s rights quagmire, now, I guess.

  2. It is truly amazing to watch the decline of congress since Reagan was elected. These GOP congressmen willing take a knee and give up their power as a co-equal branch of government. Prior to Reagan I don’t think this ever could have happened simply because congress would not have relinquished their own power and diminished their station. Now the entire GOP party are all just grifting cretins who do whatever they are told by their masters. Worse than that, so is 5/9 of SCOTUS now.

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