Racist Piece of Shit to be Inducted into Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame

because the CSHF has no fucking class

Canadian racist piece of shit “legend” Bryan Adams – whose music sucks and those who like it suck just as much – has been inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame because apparently the CSHF has no fucking class whatsoever.

Racist piece of shit says racist shit that CSHF is content in sweeping under the rug

Racist piece of shit released a new album today that people with zero class and even less taste in music will purchase. You shouldn’t. Because Bryan Adams is a racist piece of shit.

Congratulations to the racist piece of shit for being inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame and for proving – once again – that racist pieces of shit can express their racist shit with zero fucking repercussions.

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  1. He did the songwriting for the Pretty Woman musical that a few months ago I said was one of the worst three musicals I’ve seen.

    Seriously though even if you get free seats don’t waste your time on that show.



  2. Didn’t know Bryan Adams was a racist, but always knew that his music sucked.

    Fun fact:  SRV and DT’s label reached out to Bryan Adams’ label to do a joint showcase because they were both going after album radio when they got started.  Adams’ label agreed to the joint showcase but insisted that their guy be the headliner.  SRV’s label was like, “are you sure?”

    So, come the day of the showcase, SRV and DT blow the doors off the joint and when they were done, everyone left before Adams could get started.

  3. Adams had SO many songs that folks in my age cohort danced to at every high school dance…


    Too bad we all grew up, and he stayed a complete tool & asshat.

    Although, I gotta admit, I do find his racism & bigotry a bit amusing, in a schadenfreude-ey way, because thanks to the pandemic we ALL found out the msn is an utter asshat, and  he’s soooo incredibly wrong (yet bullheaded *in* that wrongness!).


    The schadenfreude comes from the fact that the man apparently feels like he’s still that beloved power-ballad-guy, who sooooo many folks listen to, rather than, “Oh, THAT old power-ballad-guy! Daaaaaayum he stayed stuck in that 80’s-90’s bigoted mentality, didn’t he… yeeeeesh!!!😬😬😬”

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