Random Info Thursday [NOT 19/8/21]

Hi, friends! Happy Thursday!

Earlier this week I learned something which I thought was really interesting from talking to a butcher at a local grocery chain.

So, in ye olde days (c. 2006) when I moved to Alabama for about 5 years, a few things in the grocery stores really confused me. For example, chicken was more expensive there than home in St. Louis, despite Alabama having a fuckton of chicken farms. The only place you could buy hard liquor was the package stores, which uhh was horrifying and expensive to me. I’ll think of more, give me some time.*

One of the weirdest things was that none of the butcher counters in the T-Town area had ground pork Italian sausage. You could buy it pre-packaged from Johnsonville, but I was used to them making it in-house and being able to buy whatever volume you needed. Also, it was really fucking cheap, like $2.50/lb, so for a broke grad student wanting to make easy meals, especially pasta ones, it was a go-to thing. Side note: I bought a pound a few days ago for $2.79/lb on sale, it’s still fucking cheap. Also delightfully fatty which is great because I wanted to cook a bunch of cabbage in it.

So I was talking to the butcher about this the other day, and she laughed and explained that it’s because of pork steaks!

Pork steaks are super popular in St. Louis because pork has traditionally been cheap here (thanks to proximity to Iowa and Kansas and the railyards moving goods). Pork steaks are a blade steak cut from the pork butt. Because it’s upper shoulder meat, there’s a lot of marbling and connective tissue and they are fantastic with low-and-slow cooking. Especially bbq.

Turns out that the local grocery stores slice their own pork steaks, they end up with odds and ends that can’t be sold. Those get tossed through the grinder and have seasoning added to be the ground pork sausage I was so used to seeing. Also explains why they always had fresh ground pork breakfast sausage.

Anyways, that’s my random thing I learned this week. What about y’all? Learn anything worth sharing?

*here’s another one – none of the grocery store bakeries made fresh donuts. What the fuck was that about? LOSERS.



  1. Just today I stumbled upon this:


    For the last seven years “Gert” has been sending cards to members of royal families and chronicling their responses. WHY DIDN’T I THINK TO DO THIS? I think I will start but I’m guessing Gert is from the UK so it might be strange if an American popped a birthday card in the mail for Catherine Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, for example, but I bet I’d get a reply. I love that she sent a Christmas card to Spain’s royal family and got one in return. The condolence cards sent out to royals after the death of Prince Philip, the patriarch, was a touching and thoughtful gesture.

    All kinds of conundrums arise. If I sent a card to the Swedish royal family (maybe around a patriotic Swedish holiday) would I have to handwrite it in Swedish? I guess I must. Oh well, I have the internet, so I’m sure I could google, “How to address a card to Carl XVI Gustaf and family, and would each family member expect their own?”

  2. I learned that, like Panasonic, I’m just slightly ahead of my time.
    Also, insofar as trivia is concerned, a would-be-more-than-platonic friend of mine from Seattle was impressed that I happened to know that the Mariners were the only MLB team that’s never been to the World Series. (I told her that I thought that just about everyone who more or less followed baseball already knew that, but she apparently only found out a couple of seasons ago.)

    • And we don’t see any path for them to go to the World Series in the foreseeable future.  If u can’t get there w/ Griffey, Arod & Randy Johnson, you are cursed.  I haven’t gone since then except for once when we got a suite if my wife sat through a drug rep presentation.  All you can eat, drink & free private parking on same level as suite made it tolerable to watch them lose. 

      • I’m not into baseball, so the reason I even know the Mariners exist is because A-Rod played his rookie season there (and won Rookie of the Year—possibly sharing the honour with another player??—around the same time Grant Hill also won ROTY in the NBA). Damn, he was a cutie in the ‘90s. 

        • Hahah. Never mind. A-Rod was first pick in the 1993 MLB draft, but he didn’t co-win Rookie of the Year (that was Grant Hill in the NBA, who shared it with Jason Kidd). See? I really don’t care all that much about beisbol. 

  3. *racks brain*
    nope sorry…no trivia here yet
    its 5.45 am..brain capacity limited to gronk need coffee…and bash handle on toaster to make glowy wires do toast magic

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