Random Pop-Up Creature Feature

This cat lives with two Cattle Dogs. She does not give one single fuck.

How’s your day going?



  1. My cat will stalk and attack my dog who is maybe 4x or 5x as big. The dog will shrug off the attack, the cat will regroup and go right back for the throat. The dog will pin the cat to the floor with one paw, walk away, and the cat will enter stalking mode again. Eventually he’ll get the message, but then start up again the next day.

    • One ACD stalks her incessantly.  The other tries to bite her whenever someone comes to the door.  She just goes about her business and does not give one fuck.

  2. Thank you for that – I needed a cat with attitude photo more that I realized!

  3. day going okay…started of incredibly grumpy…and kept that up till about 2 pm

    then i got bribed by work…with a box full of snacks and a $500 bonus in my paycheck

    cheered me right up….simple creature me…. just throw snacks and money at me

    other than that….all 3 of my cats have decided…eh…fuck going outside….its cold out there….. we’ll just take a shit behind the christmas tree…. i mean…its a tree…so its basically outside right?

    • Wow, they sure do like throwing snacks at you.  Didn’t you just get one of these a few weeks ago?

      • yep lol….i can thank rona for that tho i think….gotta blow the end of year party budget on something

        normally..i get one box and a party…this year i got 2 boxes…and a 6 pack of german winterbier

        i can do without parties….love boxes tho

        • I’d much rather have boxes of goodies than a party.

    • Lots of English on those labels.

      It occurred to me I had no idea what Haribo was. Just looked it up — stands for Hans Riegel, Bonn, the founder and his city.

      I did know Nabisco was the National Biscuit Company.

      • i didnt know any of that….to me haribo is just gummi sweets…. more expensive and less tasty than the off brand ones (they are probably better….but the some of the off brands are much nicer….they may also be radioactive or something….but oh so tasty and moreish)

    • Paprika flavored chips? I don’t see any booze this year.

      • there wasnt any in the box this year…….but i won one of these in the end of year company loot raffle

        which would absodefinitely never see any use from me….. so i traded it for a 6 pack of winterbier from the non drinker that wanted a new thermos can for camping trips

        winners all round me thinks

    • @Farscythe you scored! Enjoy the nibbles and the moolah!

  4. Butcher Dog will kill any cat which comes within striking distance.  So far, all of the neighborhood cats are smart enough to stay the hell out of the back yard.

  5. wait…paprika flavoured chips is unusual to you?

    ready salted (or naturel over here) and paprika are the two standard flavours here….pretty much all chips come in at least those two

    (uhh that was meant for @hannibal but i did something to dethread myself)

    • We don’t have them here.

  6. That is a gorgeous cat!

    This is Fanny’s best friend, Lucy. They meet every Wednesday for a play date.



      • They’ve been playing together since Fanny was a wee pup. They used to meet every day prior to Covid. They are really bonded and cry when they see each other. Then wrestle like something out of Wild Kingdom, chase squirrels, each other, and sometimes even allow other dogs to play with them. They’re very fun to watch.

    • We had a collie.  Mom was smooth and dad was rough, and he came out somewhere in between, kind of like a German Shepard.

      • What a handsome guy. You don’t see many collies around these days. My sister has one too and people always stop her to ask what kind of dog it is. Very strange to someone my age who grew up with Lassie.

  7. My office manager has informed me that I am done for the day, work-wise.

    Gotta listen to what the man says….

    • Squee! Such a cutie.

    • That lil face, I bet he gets whatever he wants, lol.

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