1. My cat will stalk and attack my dog who is maybe 4x or 5x as big. The dog will shrug off the attack, the cat will regroup and go right back for the throat. The dog will pin the cat to the floor with one paw, walk away, and the cat will enter stalking mode again. Eventually he’ll get the message, but then start up again the next day.

  2. day going okay…started of incredibly grumpy…and kept that up till about 2 pm

    then i got bribed by work…with a box full of snacks and a $500 bonus in my paycheck

    cheered me right up….simple creature me…. just throw snacks and money at me

    other than that….all 3 of my cats have decided…eh…fuck going outside….its cold out there….. we’ll just take a shit behind the christmas tree…. i mean…its a tree…so its basically outside right?

  3. wait…paprika flavoured chips is unusual to you?

    ready salted (or naturel over here) and paprika are the two standard flavours here….pretty much all chips come in at least those two

    (uhh that was meant for @hannibal but i did something to dethread myself)

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