Ready set go! [NOT 30/11/23]

Hi, friends!

If you could get away on a week long vacation, leaving tomorrow, where would you go?

I would like somewhere warm and sunny, because it’s cold and dreary this time of year.



  1. Always hated November/Dec. Partly because of the lack of sun. Partially having to tiptoe around Dad’s foul moods at this time of the year.

    If I could go anywhere it would probably be Australia so I could experience spring instead of fall this time of year.

  2. Well, if it’s just me, I’d go to Santorini and look up my grandfather’s family. Seems they own a hotel there with the family name.
    If it’s me and Mrs Butcher, then we’d go to Italy and see Assisi. It’s the trip we’ll be taking when she retires.

  3. Anywhere that isn’t my bedroom. Been basically trapped in here since Sunday, along with Other-Husband. Almost through with the isolation period. It’s a good thing we like each other, but damn, I am BORED. I’m even tired of reading, if you can believe it.

    • Ugh that’s the worst! At least both times I’ve had covid since I live alone I felt like I just had to stay home but didn’t have to change any day to day habits really. I even still did some backyard gardening to help break up the boredom.

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