…realpolitik? [DOT 22/1/20]

…so, you might be forgiven for thinking that the Senate Impeachment proceedings were the height of political theatre masquerading as procedure




…& you’d have a pretty strong case even after they conceded that 24hrs spread over three days instead of two made more sense…& that (most of?) the evidence advanced in House ought to be considered admissible


…the party lines voting on not pushing for the various things the White House has failed to provide or the various other tranches of copiously incriminating evidence of one sort or another…& indeed the whole desperate attempt to get his ineptness the great orange hairslick his precious acquittal in time for that state of the union address alone make it pretty clear that the whole thing is a fucking travesty in slow motion




…but as ever it’s amateur hour compared to the OG gangster president of what he clearly still thinks of as the USSR


…gotta love that someone noticed this though


…& speaking of noticing things…anyone notice that somebody noticed that a certain Devin Nunes (known primarily for being not-a-farmer with a 100sqft “farm” & possessed of litigation-fever so extreme as to have sued a parody twitter account without apparently troubling himself to learn the meaning of the term parody) was way ahead of the field on getting the pronunciation of Lev Parnas’ name correct?

…how could he (& Hannity, it would seem?) possibly have known that we were all pronouncing that wrong all that time ago when he’d never even heard of Ukraine on account of being so busy farming like a real farmer because he’s a real farmer okay & not just a prime source of bullshit?

…you see, it’s not Parnas-to-rhyme-with-ass as in “Devin Nunes is a colossal ass” but Parnas-to-rhyme-with-arse as in “in the UK the whole Devin Nunes’ cow thing makes little sense to most folks since the man is clearly a horse’s arse” which I only recently discovered because I mostly read rather than watch or listen so pretty much everything about that was news to me except for the bit where Devin Nunes is a gob-smacking-ly stupendous moron

…ah, well – at least we’re half-way to the weekend?



    • My kid is in high school. Trust me, even with the spats and the hormones, they are WAY more mature than the Senate. This is embarrassing on a level no high school kid would accept.

      • Yeah, I have no idea how they think these are good optics. I really hope this is the final nail in the coffin that buries the GOP. The arrogance and hubris is just out in the open now. This “trial” is just further proof that they think that even the law doesn’t apply to them.

    • @Still in Hell,

      That’s because their base all peaked in HS and have almost universally done nothing more with their miserable lives. So getting to see their unduly elected representatives behave the same way they do makes them feel better about themselves.

  1. I am having trouble following impeachment. Not because it’s confusing, but because it feels like a climatic moment but we’ve known the outcome the whole time. Even though it’s expected, it’s tough, emotionally, for me to deal with watching the cover-up and corruption in full bloom. A lot of naive people have been holding out for impeachment and removal for a long time, and I’m sure most of them are more realistic now, but it still hurts to see that dream being killed in real time.

  2. That little unwritten rule I mentioned? Yesterday was my fourth (fourth) Monday since Thursday last.

    But I actually made it today, so it’s looking up!

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