Reasons to be cheerful… [DOT 12/12/19]

but if you’re familiar with Good Omens…that isn’t always as final as it sounds…

There aren’t exactly a notable abundance of things in news to feel good about so it could be argued that the title is something of an over-reach as things stand…

since without some sort of assist from the comments this isn’t going to be so much an open thread as an exercise in listening to myself drone on…again…which I can do without all the extraneous typing…

and I really only plan to offer the one not especially new reason…several times…because while YMMV it’s just that good & with the way the election in the UK looks set to shake out I’m not exactly scoring highly on the optimism spectrum this particular advent season…

so here it is

…NYT first because, well, they’ve been at this a while

…& naturally Reuters carried it

ditto NPR

…& The Guardian

…but naturally not everyone was inclined to let the thing play “au naturel” so some other folks had to render an assist or two…

so help me out here…it was only Thanksgiving like a minute ago so surely someone out there can think of some timely reasons to be cheerful they wouldn’t mind sharing with the class…




  1. Don’t forget to check out Roles in the main menu!


  2. We’ve re-booted!
    I’m back!
    I finally made it to Discord!
    I’m back amongst friends!

  3. I’m pretty cheerful about the fact that it’s dumping snow. Maybe I’ll get a few hours free and be able to take advantage. At the worst it’ll help make rafting season huge when it all melts.

  4. This made me legit LOL, so I guess that’s a reason to be cheerful: “an exercise in listening to myself drone on…again…which I can do without all the extraneous typing…”
    I am here for the extraneous typing! And it’s Thursday, which means it’s almost the weekend, so there’s reason number 2 to be cheerful today.
    And, last but certainly not least, it looks like the gang’s all here and we are back, baby. Stick around, the party’s just getting started.

  5. I mean, he’s not actually going to pay that fine. Probably get Lindsey and Mitch to split the bill. But it IS something.

  6. I have few reasons to be cheerful. My sprots team is doing very very good sprots things this year, so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

    The fact that the “Splinter Folk” refuse to disperse into the vast open seas of the internet, and have stuck together is cheerful too!

    Also, Discord has completely killed my work productivity.. not sure if that’s good or bad, but it’s fun…

  7. Kinja is really dying down…HOLY CRAP! I follow so many people and my dashboard is mostly a ghost town.

    • I was thinking that too. It’s like the same few people. It used to be pretty diverse.

    • …enjoy it while it lasts
      …judging by the exit poll for the general election there isn’t likely to be much good news coming out of the UK for a while.

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