Recommend/Do Not Recommend Post [NOT 10/1/21]

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Hi friends! You have anything you’ve tried recently that you either really disliked or really liked?

I’ve been going through some of the trial size skincare I’ve gotten over the past few years as well as some of the fun stuff in my Ipsy subscription box.

Do Not Recommend – Drunk Elephant Beste™ No. 9 Jelly Cleanser

This stuff is almost slimy to wash your face with. Also weirdly sudsy. Not enjoyable for a facewash, do not recommend. Been using for about a week, will be very very glad to finish off the trial size container and never think about again.

Recommend – Acure Seriously Smooth Serum Stick

It’s a solid serum in a container kind of like those gel deodorants. This stuff glides on so so easily and is very moisturizing! I’m getting into that time of year where my skin gets chapped and miserable and this stuff is magical. It does take a while to absorb in fully, so if you need to wear makeup over it, it might take a while before it would be good to apply.



  1. Isn’t the whole point of an “open thread” that there’s no theme, just random stuff?
    Anyway, since you asked, I highly recommend the NFL on Nickelodeon.  It is a fucking riot.

    • Yep, that’s the point of an open thread. I like to throw a prompt out there because “just say whatever” can sometimes be hard to start conversations but “turnips are fucking gross” gets a response from lots of people. 🙂

      Damn, I feel like I missed out on that Nickelodeon coverage. Do you know if they’ll do another game?

      • If they’re smart they will.  It was supposed to be a marketing thing to get younger kids interested in the NFL.  It was way more entertaining than Joe Buck and Tony-fucking-Romo.

        • As a St. Louis resident, Joe Buck can fuck right off. He’s not at the lever of douchebaggery of Bob Costas*, but Joe Buck is just riding his father’s coattails but not nearly as good as Jack Buck.

          *that fucker openly cheated on his wife and didn’t think people here would care. 

  2. Can I ask for a recommend/not recommend? I’m debating pet insurance, or more likely Pet Assure. My cat might be about to have some steep vet bills because we’re going to check out what’s wrong with her eye and the vet said the c word as a possibility. Insurance is probably a no go because it’ll be deemed a preexisting condition, but Pet Assure seems like a… vet discount plan? Your membership gets you 25% off all vet bills (seems like the only exclusions are products you take home and grooming type stuff), though you have to see a vet that takes them. It would mean taking her to the next town over, a 12 minute drive instead of the one a minute down the street. Seems pretty worth it if the bills will be high. Has anyone else used something like that? 
    Also, I only really started looking into the eye stuff this weekend even though the vet said this a year ago… And I feel pretty damn guilty for letting pet health care be something I let slip during this crazy year. 

    • We’ve used Care Credit a couple of times, which is basically a credit line you can open on the spot for these kinds of emergencies.  They give you interest-free payments for the firs six months or so.

    • @BigDamnHeroes we have Healthy Paws Pet Insurance for the boys, who turned two last month. We do not have insurance for the girls, because they were older when we got them and it was (from any company) quite costly. We’ve not had to use it, but a friend who recommended has, for major surgeries, and said it was worthwhile. My understanding is that you pay the veterinarian, then submit the bills, and they reimburse you a portion thereof. They claim they process the claim within two days…

      I’ve used Credit Care for unexpected dental issues for we humans – same deal as care credit for pets – I wonder if the pet Care Credit is a related companies?

      • Yeah, my old girl is 13, so when I looked at pet insurance quotes, they were crazy high. Plus then I realized they wouldn’t cover this stuff anyway because symptoms were present before I got the policy. Though I do wonder how they’d know… But we’ll probably be getting a kitten soon, so we may get it for them.

    • We had a wellness plan with our last vet and I liked it. We paid $500 up front and it covered basic shots, regular office visit fees, 1 dental cleaning, and 1 blood test per year. It more than paid for itself. Sadly our vet retired and sold the business to Banfield. They offer a pretty decent wellness plan too but I really disliked their assembly line approach to animal care. So new vet and no plan. So if it covers enough to let you break even or come out even just a little ahead I’d go for it.

      • That’s cool. I don’t think I’ve seen any vets around me doing wellness plans. 
        The PetAssure thing seems to be $10/month or $80 for a year (for a single cat), so if we have more than $320 in vet bills in a year, getting 25% off will pay for itself. Though I have to find a cat ophthalmologist specifically, so I’ll need to make sure there’s one nearby that takes it. 

          • Same. Thanks. Back when he said it, I kinda had it in my mind – she’s old and has other health problems (which we were dealing with at the time), I’m not going to put her through chemo so why even look into it. But of course that was stupid, because the most likely scenario if they do find indication of a malignant tumor is remove her eye. And now I wonder if I’ve waited too long. There’s also the chance that it’s nothing, so I guess I’ll hold onto hope for that. 

    • Pet insurance is directly related to the skyrocketing costs of vet care over the past couple decades. My employer offers it but we haven’t enrolled. We sock away a certain amount of cash for different expenses each month like vet bills, car repairs etc. Plus, between my farm background and Mrs Butcher’s practical approach to things, we refuse to spend a ton of money on a pet. Especially after our experience with our previous dog and her cancer. Pets can’t consent, so when it comes to something that could be quite painful and result in minimal benefit we choose to decline the procedure, keep an eye on them and call in the home euthanasia service when it’s time. 

      • That’s my typical stance – keep savings for emergencies, and not go to extreme measures for pets when treatments are likely to just stress them out and decrease their quality of life. (See my comment above about how I would never put her through chemo.) That said, once I started looking into what’s going on with her (rapidly growing spots in one eye), there are some decent diagnostics, and then the most likely scenario is eye removal. I can’t seem to get an answer on the cost of that – I found a range online of $200-2000, which is broad…
        I plan on calling vets tomorrow to ask about costs upfront for both diagnostics and treatment and go from there. Makes me feel cold and mercenary, but if the costs are really high, I’m not sure how much it makes sense to do for a 13 year old cat that also has pancreas issues.
        What’s going to be especially hard is the fact that our three year old is immensely attached to her. He would tell you there are four people in his family, because he includes the cat. I want to get another cat (or two) soon so we won’t be in a scenario at some point where it feels like we’re replacing her. 

  3. For stuff Not Recommended, I’m going to say it’s not a good idea to crowd-source a Coup d’etet.  Also going to not recommend participating in an insurrection when your intel is so bad it gets basic aspects of reality wrong.
    Not trying to make light of that mess, but already this morning I heard they were up to nearly ~100 arrests made, and I think they’ve taken into custody most of the major figures in the popular photos.  Also have heard reports a lot of them are already on no-fly lists, and there are already crying meltdowns.  so that’s slightly heartening
    Fuck, I could watch crying nazis all day.  I don’t give a shit about your nazis.

  4. My wife bought two pounds of wasabi peanuts and I both recommend them and do not recommend them.  The wasabi is so strong they practically rip your head off, but you can’t stop eating them so you sit there with a bowl of them, in tears, and suffer while you pop one after the other into your mouth.  She thought I was crying about the Bears game, but in fact I was helplessly weeping from pain.

  5. For eventual vacation planning, I recommend Denali National Park, AK. Incredible scenery and wildlife. Limited access to the park keeps things wild. 
    I do not recommend Yosemite National Park in CA. It’s a classic case of being a victim of their own success. The park is so popular that unless you plan on getting a back country pass to go camping, you’ll be surrounded by so many people it’ll be hard to believe you’re in a national park. 

  6. i recommend and do not reccommend sobriety
    pros : no hangovers…no waking up sharing the bed with a traffic cone (seriously…where the fuck do i keep finding those?)
    cons : reality…sobriety

    • I’m really hoping that one day in my future, I ca get home, pull up google news or something similar, and just be kinda bored and not terribly interested.  I want politics to be boring again.

      • You mean you don’t wanna doomscroll ’til 3 in the morning, when ya needa be at work at 8?
        Where’s the… fun(?🙃) in THAT?!?
        Not that *I* would everrrrrr do something THAT silly!😉😂🤣🤣🤣
        (Besides, it’s only 2:52 am here!😉)

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