Recommendations/NOPEs Post [NOT 28/3/21]

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Hi, friends!

We haven’t had a recommendations/oh hell no post in a while.

I absolurely do not recommend roasted radishes. I saw it being talked about by lots of friends on facebook and I thought “well I normally love roasted veggies, and I like radishes, this should be good.”

GROSS and nope into the trash. At least radishes are cheap.



  1. When we were watching the documentary series “1969” (recommend), there was a brief blip about the movie “Easy Rider.”  Absolutely, do not fucking recommend at all.  I’d heard all my life what a seminal movie this was, so a number of years ago I finally had an opportunity to watch it.  That was three hours of my life that I will never get back.

    • BTW you mentioned “1969” before and I meant to respond. A few years ago I was at a used book sale, I can’t remember if it was a yard sale or a…it doesn’t matter. They had a copy of one of those encyclopedia add-ons that came out to update the collection. I’m not describing this well, but it was the size of a hardbound encyclopedia volume and it was a summary of 1969. Hundreds (maybe thousands) of entries, photos, charts, all kinds of things. “World in Review.” I just tried to find it but it looks like it didn’t survive the “Great Migration” from when we moved into this apartment or from the “Great Purge” when we decided to renovate the apartment and de-clutter.
      It was fascinating. At one of our family reunions I schlepped it up and showed it to my brother, who graduated high school in 1969. He flipped through it and said, “Yeah, I don’t remember any of this. I remember hoping I wouldn’t be called up for Vietnam but all the rest of it…”

      • I think those were called “Yearbooks” and were meant to update new research.  So you consulted your set of 1966 encyclopedias for your subject, then consulted your subsequent “yearbooks” for any updates.

      • Fun fact! My father who loves Trump more than his own life and who deep-throats anything with the military or the police told me a few years ago if he got called for Vietnam he would have been a draft-dodger and run to hide in Canada.

        Ahh, cognitive dissonance. 

      • When I was a little kid, at one point my parents had to temporarily rehome our dog. My dad’s sister offered to watch him, but she gave him no attention nor toys and when my parents got him back like 7 months later, some of his teeth were ground down. She told my parents that the dog got bored and chewed on rocks in her back yard. 

        Unsurprisingly, this is the same gem who poured liquid dish soap in her kids’ mouths if they sassed her or used a curse word. 

        • Ugh. My dog had horribly ground down teeth when we got him, but we never knew any of his back story. He was an adult rescue that had been found on the streets of Kentucky with a heavy duty collar (no tags) made to connect to a chain. They thought he was probably kept chained up outside. I always figured he had been gnawing on the chain (since several times he gnawed on the bars of his crate), but I wonder if he had been chewing on rocks. 

  2. For a NOPE I’d put down the American health “care” system but I really have nothing to compare it to. 
    What were you supposed to do with those roasted radishes? I roast Brussels sprouts often, not so much for me but because the Forager-in-Chief is a big fan. If you use enough oil and grated cheese Brussels sprouts are delicious. But I’ve never heard of roasting a radish.

      • Oh, having lived for more than five decades more or less health-problem-free, I now know it quite well. And I think my “issue” is pretty minor but I got sucked into the maw of…well, you know better than I. And I have excellent health insurance and am (relatively) coherent, and not alone in my journey through this labyrinth, thanks to Better Half. I wonder what it would be like if it were 20 years from now and I were a widower? 

        • You’d be straight up fucked in that scenario. 

          Pro tip: when you get old enough to enroll in Medicare, go with Traditional Medicare, not Medicare Advantage. MA’s big selling point is that the premiums are lower but it’s administered by private insurers and MA enrollees are much more likely to encounter a significant financial problem than those enrolled in TA. MA is a scam. 

    • Roasted Brussels sprouts are delicious – cheese is nice, but I don’t even need it. Just oil and salt at high heat (and DON’T OVERCOOK THEM) makes them tasty. But I’ve never heard of roasted radishes and I can’t imagine they’d be good. 

    • It was recommended as a “replace roasted potatoes with something which is really low-starch and while not quite a potato, will be similar enough to be enjoyable.” 


      Oh I love roasted Brussels sprouts!  Hit ’em with a little real maple syrup and cayenne pepper for the last 10 minutes of roasting and it’s delightful! 

  3. I don’t recommend taking stock tips from guys who don’t understand much about stocks.  I did.  That stock is still in my meager portfolio because I can’t take losing money because I was stupid.  I fell for the hype and I ate it.
    Expensive lesson to learn.

    • I’m sorry to hear that. I don’t understand the market enough to own individual stocks. I have my 401k and a Roth IRA, but both of those are the targeted retirement age mutual funds. 

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