Recommendations Post [NOT 21/4/22]

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Hi, friends!

It’s been a while since we had a recommendations/not recommendations post, figured we could use one as a prompt tonight.

I don’t recommend forgetting about a bag of potatoes for a few weeks. That didn’t go well.

I do recommend sitting outside and drinking.



  1. ive sat outside and drank all week…thats why ive been quiet round here…i recommend it too….its good fun

    i’ve an easy rule for spotting good food places

    if its full of kids….dont go there…the food will be mediocre….and the noise will be so bad you wont even notice the food was meh on your way out.

    • I’m sitting on my porch with a Mojito even though it’s just a little too cool to stay out for long. It’s awfully pleasant to listen to the birds stake out their territory before the nest building begins for serious.

      I agree that the food at places with kids tends to be mediocre. But one thing I’ve noticed is that places where the staff is able to deal with the rats in good cheer, the service tends to be tremendous.

      • okay…ill adjust my statement..if you want good service but meh food..whilst having kids…aim for the places with kids

        if you want good food meh service and some quiet….aim for the ones that dont

        • I’d even qualify that to say outside seating places where the kids can run free can have good food and avoid the noise issues. Maybe that’s only 6-9 months a year, but when it works, it’s golden.

    • I find that a 45 minute nap sometime between 4 and 5pm is optimal for me.  Especially if there is a baseball game on, because baseball’s rhythm is precisely tuned to my delta waves or something.  It doesn’t matter what game it is, I put the volume kind of low and just imagine I’m breathing out of my ears and I’m immediately in Hypnos’ sweet embrace.

    • I do NOT recommend puppies.  The one I’ve been watching may have a growth in her stomach & the owners are freaking,  They just lost a puppy to some other rare shit, now this?  It is heartbreaking to see them deal with this again!

      I do recommend day drinking!  I’m feeling good right now, friends brought over some amazing beers &  bedtime will come early.

    • Puppies are a great way to sort people out. It’s great to be a person who commits 100% to raising them AND it’s great to be a person who knows enough about themselves to say no f’ing way.

      But beware of the person who says they love puppies then does a sleepwalking job of raising them and ends up dumping them.

      • These people will go broke to save a puppy from a rare condition.  I hope she is fine but it is heartbreaking to even think they could lose another puppy.  The are great owners & people.

        • Nope.  This is probably based in my being raised on a farm, but there’s only so far I will go to save a pet–particularly if it involves a shitload of money and/or an invasive procedure.  Several years ago, our first Butcher Dog went in for what we thought was a simple procedure to remove a fatty deposit.  It turned out to be cancer and because the vet had already opened her up we agreed to have her try and get as much out as she could.  The dog was in so much pain afterward that she didn’t sleep for three straight days.  Just whimpered in pain even on meds.  Pets can’t consent.  So, at some point it’s up to the owners to determine who they’re putting the pet through all this stuff for–the pet, or themselves because they can’t bring themselves to let the pet go.  We knew the cancer would come back and we’d made the decision that when it did we would let it take it’s course and put her down when her quality of life went south.

          • Yes, farm life changes the way you see life changes in animals and in people.  When there are a lot of animals, you learn you lose some and new ones get born and life is life.  I didn’t grow up on a farm, so it took adjustment, but I can see the changes in my perspective.

      • I’m in the latter category. I raised a puppy when I was a teen and it was hell for a couple of months. As an adult I adopted a 2yr old dog and that was a fantastic experience except of course for the end which I’m still grieving (it’s been a year now).

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